General Studies Major: Bachelor of Science

Core Curriculum Requirements

60 Hours

All baccalaureate programs at North Georgia have as a requirement the satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester credit hours comprising the six areas of the core curriculum. A complete description of Areas A-E of the core curriculum can be found in Core Curriculum section. Individual degree programs may specify exceptions and/or particular courses which must be taken within each Area A-E of the core curriculum. Those exceptions and/or course requirements and Area F of the core curriculum are shown below.

Area A

no exceptions

Area B

no exceptions

Area C

no exceptions

Area D

no exceptions

Area E

no exceptions.

Area F: Courses Related To The Area Of Study

18 hours

Students must complete 18 hours of 1000-2000 level coursework in support of their chosen focus groups


Major Area

Focus Groups (45 hours)

Students must complete 15 hours of 3000-4000 level coursework in each of three focus groups.

Students must maintain at 2.0 GPA in each focus group, a 2.0 overall university GPA, at least 6 hours of each focus group must be taken at North Georgia and no more than 9 hours of "D" grades can be used in meeting their major requirements.

Students may choose from the following list of focus groups:

1. Fine and Performing Arts: Art, Communication, Music and Theater

2. Natural Sciences: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geography, Geology and Physics

3. Social Sciences: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

4. Business: Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing

5. Mission Related: International, Leadership and Military Science

6. Humanities: English, History, Journalism, Modern Languages and Philosophy

7. Mathematics/Computers: Mathematics and Computer Science

8. Pre-Professional Programs: Athletic Training, Nursing, Physical Education and Teacher Education

Capstone Course (3 hours) - Only offered during Spring semesters.

GSTU 4000 General Studies Seminar (3 hours) - Must not be taken as an independent study without departmental approval.

Students must have 15 credit hours completed in one focus group and 6 credit hours completed in each of the remaining focus groups prior to enrolling in this course.

Electives (12 hours)

12 credit hours to bring the total number of credit hours to at least 120 hours.

Military Science requirement (for military students)

U.S. & Georgia Constitution and History requirements

Learning Goals (US, CT, Global)