University System of Georgia Learning Goals

All USG institutions must identify Area A-E courses that will meet three additional USG learning goals: US Perspective, Global Perspective, and Critical Thinking. These three learning goals, referred to as "overlay requirements" can be met by successfully completing designated courses within the core curriculum. North Georgia has designated the following as courses meeting the USG overlay requirements:

Learning Goal 1: US Perspective

Outcome: Students will explain the interaction between US culture, history, or governance

HIST 2111

Survey of US History I

3 hours

HIST 2112

Survey of US History II

3 hours

POLS 1101

American Government

3 hours

Learning Goal II: Global Perspective

Outcome: Students will analyze political, cultural, or socioeconomic interactions among people and cultures of the world

POLS 2401

Global Issues

3 hours

HIST 1112

Survey of World History/Civilization II

3 hours

Learning Goal III: Critical Thinking

Outcome: Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate, make inferences, or explain an issue, artifact, or event

ENGL 1102

English Composition II

3 hours

ASTR 1010L

Astronomy of the Solar System Lab

1 hour

ASTR 1020L

Stellar and Galactic Astronomy Lab

1 hour

BIOL 1010L

Introductory Biology Lab

1 hour

BIOL 1260L

Environmental Biology Lab

1 hour

BIOL 1107K

Principles of Biology I

4 hours

CHEM 1151L

Survey of Chemistry I Lab

1 hour

CHEM 1152L

Survey of Chemistry II Lab

1 hour

CHEM 1211L

Principles of Chemistry I Lab

1 hour

GEOG 1111K

Introduction to Physical Geography

4 hours

GEOL 1644K

Introduction to Geology

4 hours

PHYS 1111L

Introductory Physics I Lab

1 hour

PHYS 1112L

Introductory Physics II Lab

1 hour

PHYS 2211L

Principles of Physics I Lab

1 hour