Department of Psychology and Sociology

The Department of Psychology & Sociology offers students a solid liberal arts curriculum. In both majors, students develop an appreciation of themselves and their world through development of critical thinking, knowledge of scientific methodology and theory, and understanding of interpersonal and societal dynamics. At the undergraduate level, the department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. At the graduate level the department offers a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Information regarding program requirements for the M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, application procedures, and the pre-application advisement process is available in the Graduate Bulletin or may be obtained by written request to:

Department of Psychology & Sociology

Attn: Community Counseling, North Georgia

Dahlonega, GA 30597

Each major will meet with a faculty advisor of the student's choice to develop academic and career goals and strategies. All majors in the department are encouraged to have an internship in an applied setting and to demonstrate competency and skills in their major as well as oral and written abilities. Students majoring in Psychology are exposed to a wide variety of specializations within the discipline. Psychology majors are encouraged to take PSYC 3070 and PSYC 3080 during the sophomore year.