Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership - Citizen Track

Total Credit Hours - 15

The citizen track of the Minor in Leadership is designed for those students who desire to enhance their leadership competencies and expand their knowledge and understanding of leadership with the goal of becoming influential citizens. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to customize their plan of study to address their needs, experiences and interests. The rigorous exit requirements of the citizen track minor in leadership are integral components of the leadership development process.

Application Process

Students may apply for entrance to the citizen track leadership minor by contacting the leadership advisor in the Psychology and Sociology Department. Acceptance to the citizen track leadership minor is based on demonstrated commitment to leadership development and an interview with the leadership advisor.

Program of Study

Students accepted to the citizen track leadership minor are required to complete three (3) three-hour elective courses that will enhance their leadership competencies and/or contribute to their understanding of leadership. The leadership advisor must approve all elective courses included in the student's program of study. No more than one (3-hour) course previously taken by the student may be used toward the minor, assuming that course is not counted toward completion of the major or to satisfy a core curriculum requirement.

Each student must successfully complete PSYC 4000, Advanced Studies in Leadership, and PSYC 4490, Leadership Internship. It is strongly recommended that these courses be taken consecutively during the junior and senior year. The leadership advisor may grant exceptions.

Students are expected to engage in extracurricular activities and external programs that provide them with opportunities to exercise leadership. This component of the program is designed to broaden students' understanding of leadership and engage them as citizens. Service learning participation is highly recommended for all leadership minors.


PSYC 1002

Adaptive Leadership

3 hours

PSYC 4000

Advanced Studies in Leadership

3 hours

Nine (9) credit hours selected from recommended list of 3000 or higher level courses and approved by leadership advisor

PSYC 4490

Leadership Internship

3 hours

PSYC 4650

Group Dynamics

3 hours

PSYC 4669

Organizational Behavior

3 hours

PSYC 4950A

Leadership Special Topic: Certified Mediation

3 hours

PSYC 4950B

Leadership Special Topic: Interpersonal Communication

3 hours

PSYC 4950C

Leadership Special Topic: Mentoring and Active Listening

3 hours

PSYC 4950D

Leadership Special Topic: Leadership and Media

3 hours

BUSA 3910

Business Leadership: Theories and Processes

3 hours

BUSA 3995

Leadership in Business

3 hours

HIST 3152

Social Movements in Modern America

3 hours

HIST 3155

U.S. Women in History

3 hours

PHED 3330

Coaching Theory

3 hours

POLS 4310

Political Leadership

3 hours

SOCI 3500

Occupations / Organizations

3 hours

SOCI 3650

Sociology of War

3 hours


Total Credit Hours

15 hours

Any alternative courses a student requests to take will need the approval of the leadership minor advisor.

Exit Requirements

Upon completion of all coursework, students are required to prepare an executive resume that captures their leadership competencies. Throughout the program, students will develop a portfolio including an outline of leadership experiences and a summative explanation of the student's unfolding vision of leadership. This will assist the student in preparing his/her resume and exit interview.