Physics Major

Core Curriculum Requirements

60 Hours

All baccalaureate programs at North Georgia have as a requirement the satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester credit hours comprising the six areas of the core curriculum. A complete description of Areas A-E of the core curriculum can be found in Core Curriculum. Individual degree programs may specify exceptions and/or particular courses which must be taken within each Area A-E of the core curriculum. Those exceptions and/or course requirements and Area F of the core curriculum are shown below.

Area A

MATH 1113 or MATH 2450

Area B

no exceptions

Area C

no exceptions

Area D

MATH 2450 or MATH 2460. Physics majors may not count PHYS 2211, 2211L, 2212, 2212L in Area D.

Area E

no exceptions

Area F. Courses Related to Program of Study

18 Hours

For students starting with MATH 1113 in Area A:

PHYS 2211, 2211L, 2212, 2212L

8 hours

MATH 2460, 2470 (2450 taken in Area D)

8 hours

CSCI 1301 (3 hours)* or CSCI 1371 (4 hours)**

3 or 4 hours

* One hour will be counted in electives


** Two hours will be counted in electives


For students starting with MATH 2450 in Area A:

PHYS 2211, 2211L, 2212, 2212L

8 hours

MATH 2470 (2450 taken in Area A; 2460 in Area D)

4 hours

2 hour carryover from Areas A and D

2 hours

CSCI 1301 (3 hours) or CSCI 1371 (4 hours)

3 or 4 hours

1 elective hour (if CSCI 1301 is taken above)

1 hour

Courses Required For The Major

26 or 34 Hours

PHYS 3310, 3310L, 3111, 3411, 3610, 3710 or 3720, 4350, 4011L, 4012L, 3990, 4990

23 hours

CHEM 1211,1211L,1212, 1212L

8 hours

(may be taken to fulfill part of Area D)

MATH 3000

3 hours

Upper level physics courses and technical electives

(astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, OR upper level astronomy, engineering, geography or physics)

These must include at least 9 hours of upper level physics course work (not including research hours).

These may not include more that 3 total hours of research credit

18 hours



Foreign language (1002 or higher if not taken in Area B)

4 hours

Electives to bring the total number of credit hours to 120. The 120 credit hours must include at least 39 upper-level credit hours.

Other Requirements

Senior Assessment — Non-dual-degree physics majors must take a national, standardized physics achievement test before graduation, usually in their last semester.

U.S. and Georgia Constitution & History Requirement


Military Science requirements (for Military Students)

12 hours

Learning Goals (US, CT, Global)