Chemistry Major

Core Curriculum Requirements

60 Hours

All baccalaureate programs at North Georgia have as a requirement the satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester credit hours comprising the six areas of the core curriculum. A complete description of Areas A-E of the core curriculum can be found in Core Curriculum. Individual degree programs may specify exceptions and/or particular courses which must be taken within each Area A-E of the core curriculum. Those exceptions and/or course requirements and Area F of the core curriculum are shown below.

Area A

MATH 1113 or MATH 2450

Area B

no exceptions

Area C

no exceptions

Area D

Chemistry majors may not take CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212, and 1212L. MATH 2400 is strongly recommended.

Area E

no exceptions

Area F. Courses Appropriate to the Chemistry Major

18 hours

CHEM 1211, CHEM 1211L, CHEM 1212, CHEM 1212L

8 hours

PHYS 2211, PHYS 2211L, PHYS 2212, PHYS 2212L

8 hours

CHEM 2734L

2 hours

Advanced placement: Credit for CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212 and 1212L is available based on the ETS Advanced Placement Examination. See department head for details.

Courses Required for a Chemistry Major

45 hours

CHEM 2734

3 hours

CHEM 3441 / CHEM 3441L

4 hours

CHEM 3442 / CHEM 3442L

4 hours

CHEM 3541 / CHEM 3541L

4 hours

CHEM 3542 / CHEM 3542L

4 hours

CHEM 4244 / CHEM 4244L

4 hours

CHEM 4744K

4 hours

CHEM 4841K

4 hours

CHEM 3911

1 hour

CHEM 4912

1 hour

Advanced Chemistry electives

8 hours

MATH 2400 / MATH 2460

3 or 4 hours

Minimum Math Requirement - MATH 2460

Other Requirements

U.S. and Georgia Constitution and History requirement

Learning Goals (US, CT, Global)

Military Science requirement for Military Students (12 hours)

Electives: To bring the total number of credit hours to at least 120 hours.

Exit Requirement: Graduating seniors will be required to take an undergraduate assessment test in Chemistry and complete an exit questionnaire which allows the department to assess the chemistry program.