Appalachian Studies Minor

The Appalachian Studies minor program is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of the culture, economy, history, natural resources, and politics of the Appalachian region and how these concepts impact and influence current Appalachian communities and their residents. Students enrolled in the minor will participate in Appalachian community research, civic engagement, and service learning projects.

There are two required courses, GASC 3100, Introduction to Appalachia (prerequisite) and GASC 4800, Appalachian Experience (capstone). These required courses are housed within the School of Education.  A student must also complete 9-12 semester hours in elective courses that have been identified as appropriate for the minor. Elective courses are housed within their respective departments across the schools. Currently, electives are Appalachian Art and Artistic Expression (ART 4521), Environments of Appalachia (BIOL 3000), History of Appalachia (HIST 3170), and Music of Appalachia (MUSC 3500).