HIST 4631: Expansionism and Imperialism in East Asia (3)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 0, Other: 0

The resurging interest in Empire and Imperialism as subjects of historical investigation has yielded in the last decade and a half a number of works which have greatly increased our understanding, and in some cases even awareness, of processes of expansion practiced and/or undergone by East Asian states and societies. In this seminar we are going to read some of these: from reinterpretations of Manchu China and Tokugawa Japan, to works on modern Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism in East Asia. Furthermore, our focus will not only be on the forms of Imperialism described by these books, but also how these new perspectives can be part of a reconfiguration of our understanding of Global History in the (early) modern era. (ASIAN OR WORLD HISTORY) Pre-requisite: HIST 1112