Gerontology Certificate Program

The Gerontology Certificate Program at North Georgia College & State University is designed to enable students at the undergraduate and graduate level, non-degree students, and residents of the community to obtain a certificate in 2-3 semesters of course work. Students will complete a total of fifteen (15) semester hours of graduate level, or upper level undergraduate, courses to meet the requirements of the certificate program. Twelve (12) of the hours must come from our 4 foundational courses: Survey of Aging, Biology of Aging, Sociology of Aging, Psychology of Aging. These courses are being offered as online classes and each one will be available at least once during an academic year (two in the fall and two in the spring semesters). Additionally, students will need to select either a supervised Practicum Experience (GERO 3581) or participate in a Research Experience (GERO 3681) with a faculty member working in any area of Gerontology. Both the practicum and research experience must be approved by a faculty member in the Gerontology program.

Many of the courses in the Gerontology certificate may also be used to satisfy major, minor, and elective course requirements in your Plan of Study (POS). For additional information, contact the Department of Nursing or the Department of Psychology and Sociology.