Philosophy Minor

A minor is offered in philosophy with the following requirements of 15-18 hours.

A grade of "C" or better is required for a course taken to satisfy a requirement in the minor.

One of the following:

PHIL 2500

Introduction to Logic

3 hours

MATH 2800

Introduction to Mathematical Proof

3 hours

Three of the following (Foundational Courses):

PHIL 3000

History of Philosophy - Ancient

3 hours

PHIL 3001

History of Philosophy - Modern

3 hours

PHIL 3003

Chinese Philosophy

3 hours

PHIL 3400


3 hours

PHIL 3600


3 hours

Either one additional Foundational Course (see above) or one of the following (Electives):

PHIL 4200

Environmental Ethics

3 hours

PHIL 4300

Philosophy of Religion

3 hours

PHIL 4500

Advanced Logic

3 hours

PHIL 4700

Political and Social Philosophy

3 hours

PHIL 4900

Topics in Philosophy

3 hours

ART 4560

Philosophy of Art

3 hours

CSCI 2150

Computer Ethics and Social Issues

3 hours

POLS 3310

American Political Theory

3 hours

POLS 3315

Political Philosophy

3 hours

POLS 4302

Twentieth Century Political Thought

3 hours

SOCI 4100

Sociological Theory

3 hours

All upper-division Philosophy courses have a prerequisite of one lower-level Philosophy course.