Department of Performing Arts

The North Georgia College and State University Department of Performing Arts offers the following degree programs:

The Department of Performing Arts also offers a minor in both music and theater.

The department provides a variety of core curriculum courses available in Area C and electives to the student body at large. Any open-option student who is considering a major in music or music education should consult an academic advisor in the Department of Performing Arts as soon as possible in order to make informed decisions when planning a course of study. An entrance audition and consent of the head of the Department of Performing Arts is required before a major in music or music education may be declared.

Core Curriculum-Area C Requirements

Every undergraduate North Georgia student is required to complete a course in either performing arts, visual arts, speech or philosophy as a part of the Area C core curriculum requirements. Successful completion of any one of the following performing arts courses fulfills this requirement:

MUSC 1100

COMM 1110

THEA 2500

Applied Music

Each student who is enrolled for applied principal music instruction must concurrently participate fully in a related North Georgia performance ensemble. Such participation is considered a vital part of the student's applied music instruction regardless of whether the student chooses to enroll for ensemble credit.

Senior Recital Requirements

Each candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education must successfully present a public senior recital in her or his principal applied medium. Detailed information regarding senior recital requirements may be found in the North Georgia Music Student Handbook.

Proficiency Exams

Each candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education must successfully pass proficiency exams in conducting and piano. Detailed information regarding these requirements may be found in the North Georgia Music Student Handbook.

Grade Requirement

All music majors must achieve a grade of C or better in each Department of Performing Arts course (including core curriculum and transfer courses) taken to fulfill degree requirements.

Performance Ensembles

The following North Georgia College & State University performance ensembles regularly present concerts on and off campus. Enrollment in these ensembles is open to all qualified students by audition regardless of major.


MUSC 3710

Patriot Choir

MUSC 3720

Women's Chorus

MUSC 3730

Madrigal Singers

MUSC 3740

Symphonic Band

MUSC 3810

Golden Eagle Band

MUSC 3820

Jazz Orchestra

MUSC 3830

Chamber Symphony

MUSC 3840

Jazz Combo

MUSC 3910

Percussion Ensemble

MUSC 3930

Music Theatre Workshop

MUSC 3940

Some of these ensembles regularly tour throughout the Southeast, and occasionally travel to other parts of the United States and overseas to represent the University as ambassadors of good will. In addition, musical theatre presentations are scheduled in some years. Enrolled students are required to participate fully in all such activities outside of regular class time, as outlined in the course syllabus.

In addition to these standard performance ensembles, various jazz, bluegrass, and instrumental chamber ensembles are organized to meet the needs of the students. These ensembles offer educational and creative performance opportunities, while providing a setting for the development of practical leadership experience for students who are enrolled in applied principal music instruction.

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