Biology Major with Teacher Certification

(a 137-hour program)

Students pursuing both a bachelor of science in biology and teacher certification must meet the same requirements as those not pursuing certification except that the 36 hours of teacher education courses listed below may be substituted for CHEM 3441/3441L and CHEM 3442/3442L. EDUC 2110, 2120 and 2130 must be completed prior to admission to the Teacher Education program. Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required to take the remaining courses. To qualify for institutional recommendation for a Georgia teaching license in the desired field, students must successfully complete the appropriate GACE II tests.

Professional Education (courses required for certification)

36 hours

EDUC 2110

Investigating Critical & Contemporary Issues in Education

3 hours

EDUC 2120

Exploring Socio Cultural Perspectives on Diversity

3 hours

EDUC 2130

Exploring Teaching and Learning

3 hours

EDUC 3002

Educational Assessment

2 hours

EDUC 3003/ 3003L

Classroom Management

2/1 hours

LART 3106

Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

3 hours

EDUC 3540

Applied Classroom Data Analysis

3 hours

EDUC 4000


4 hours

EDUC 4101

Methods and Materials

3 hours

EDUC 4103

Internship, Planning

3 hours

EDUC 4104

Internship, Classroom Performance

3 hours

EDUC 4105

Internship, Professionalism

3 hours