Tutoring Services

The university is committed to improving student retention by offering free tutoring services for all students. Tutors are available in the Academic Skills Center and can be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Tutoring sessions are scheduled for most subjects, including Math, English, History, and Foreign Languages. All sessions take place in the Academic Skills Center--270 Stewart Center. The schedule of times/days/subjects may change per semester based on student need.

Students attending tutoring sessions should bring their course syllabus and any required work.

Additional Tutoring Resources

Students needing assistance in a particular course or subject are encouraged to visit the Academic Skills Center, 269 Stewart Center, or call 706-864-1433 to complete a Tutor Request Form, and a tutor will be assigned. All tutors employed through the Academic Skills Center are high achievers in their academic major and are required to complete a tutor training session.