Student Success Program

The Student Success Program (SSP) is one of many programs North Georgia offers in support of students' academic success. Intended for students with less than 60 credit hours (i.e., freshmen and sophomores), the program is designed to support students in making the transition to college by providing them with assistance in taking positive steps toward achieving academic success.

There are several means of becoming a participant in the program: 1) if an instructor detects students are having academic difficulty, the instructor may refer them to the Student Success program; 2) automatic referrals are generated based on progress report grades at mid term. Six core courses that historically have proven to be difficult courses for students are monitored for poor grades; 3) students who are on financial aid warning will be required to participate in the program; and 4) students may refer themselves to the program and ask to be assigned an advisor. Once referrals are generated, students are assigned to a SSP program advisor. These advisors will connect students with appropriate campus resources, such as tutoring, counseling, and help with study skills, and assist them in developing and carrying out an academic success plan. Students are notified of their referral via North Georgia email and are required to respond within three days of the notification. It is the expectation of faculty and administrators that students read their North Georgia email regularly and follow instructions promptly. For more information regarding the Student Success program, contact