Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership - Military Track

Total Credit Hours - 17

The minor in military leadership is designed for all students who spend four years in the Corps of Cadets. The leadership minor requires courses from several academic disciplines.

Requirements for award of the minor in leadership are:

1. Acceptance into the program by the Military Science Department Director of Instruction

2. Completion of courses required for minor

3. Successful completion of the following:

  1. Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)
  2. Minimum of two semesters as a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in Corps of Cadets
  3. Minimum of one semester as an Officer in the Corps of Cadets

4. Successful completion of all of the Area I courses and one course each from Area II and Area III (six credit hours) from the following list. Only one course each may be taken from Areas II and III.

Area I: Military Science (11 credit hours):

MILS 3000

Adaptive Team Leadership

2 hours

MILS 3100

Leadership in Changing Environments

2 hours

MILS 4000

Developing Adaptive Leaders

2 hours

MILS 4100

Leadership in a Complex World

2 hours

MILS 4300

Leadership Internship

3 hours

Area II: Computer Literacy (3 credit hours):

CSCI 1100 / 1150

Introduction to Computers and Information Systems /

2 hours


Computers and Information Systems Seminar

(Prerequisite CSCI 1100)

1 hour

CSCI 1250

Information Technologies

3 hours

CSCI 1301

Computer Science I

3 hours

CSCI 1200

Technology and Learning

3 hours

Area III: Military History/Political Science/Sociology (3 credit hours):

HIST 3180

Civil War and Reconstruction

3 hours

HIST 3230

Nineteenth Century Europe

3 hours

HIST 3235

Twentieth Century Europe

3 hours

HIST 3280

History of Western Warfare

3 hours

HIST 3400

History of the Middle East

3 hours

HIST 4100

Studies in U.S. History

3 hours

HIST 4110

History of Colonial America

3 hours

HIST 4160

Studies in Military History

3 hours

HIST 4161

Studies in American Revolution

3 hours

HIST 4190

Studies in U.S. Diplomatic History

3 hours

HIST 4200

Studies in World History

3 hours

HIST 4232

Studies of World War I

3 hours

HIST 4850

Studies in Modern World Revolutions

3 hours

HIST 4860

Studies in World War II

3 hours

MILS 3200

Foundations of Military Theory

3 hours

POLS 3204

International Organization

3 hours

POLS 3209

Middle Eastern Political Systems

3 hours

POLS 3310

American Political Theory

3 hours

POLS 4201

Comparative Government

3 hours

POLS 4202

Comparative Security Issues

3 hours

POLS 4206

Russian Foreign Policy

3 hours

POLS 4212

Political Economy of the Middle East

3 hours

POLS 4320

International Relations Theory

3 hours

SOCI 3650

Sociology of War

3 hours