Credit by Examination

North Georgia offers Credit by Examination upon approval of the academic department concerned and the Vice President for Academic Affairs when scores on nationally standardized examinations (CLEP, etc.) or other academic experience strongly indicates that the student has acquired the information or skills related to given courses of instruction offered by the university.

Credit awarded by examination can be given only for courses officially approved for academic credit by the university. The institution's website contains a listing of courses for which a student may earn credit by examination ( The credit carries no academic grade and is not computed into the grade point average. The university limits the number of hours of Credit by Examination to 45 semester hours and no more than 24 hours of IB credit. A student who has earned a grade other than a W in the course may not earn CLEP or DANTES credit for the course. A student may earn CLEP or DANTES credit for a course in which he/she is currently enrolled provided that the student withdraws from the course no later than the last date in the term to withdraw with a W. Students should be aware that medical, dental and other professional schools may not recognize course credit by examination in their admissions processes.