Termination of Apartments Contract by the Student

Both currently enrolled or newly admitted students have two options in which to cancel their housing contract. In either case, students should fill out an apartments contract cancellation form to begin the process.

  1. Termination due to non-enrollment or change in familial status - Students may petition to be released from their contracts via a written appeal based on either no longer being enrolled at the University or having had a change in family status since signing the contract. The student will be required to pay three (3) full months' rent and forfeit the housing deposit as detailed in the apartments housing contract.
  2. Recruiting another student - Students may recruit another student to take over any remaining portion of their contracts. Students wishing to surrender a contract will not be released from that contract until the other students' contract is approved by North Georgia's Office of Residence Life. The student surrendering the contract will be charged a $50 substitution of contract fee as detailed in the apartments housing contract.