Dual Enrolled Applicants

Academically qualified high school students may apply to enter North Georgia via the joint-enrolled plan. Students admitted to this program may receive dual credit in both high school and college for English, Mathematics and Social Science by successfully completing the appropriate courses with a grade of C or better. High School credit awarded is determined by the student's high school. Students who wish to take courses in other areas may do so at the high school's discretion. However, dual credit may not be allowed by the high school for such courses.

Students attending non-accredited home school programs or non-accredited high schools may be eligible to participate in North Georgia's joint enrollment program if they provide an Admissions Portfolio and meet the university's joint enrollment requirements.

Students applying for admission must have completed all CPC requirements, as noted in the freshman applicant section, except the fourth unit of English, fourth unit of mathematics, fourth unit of science, and the third unit of social science.

Those who wish to be considered for joint enrollment must:

  1. Submit an Application for Undergraduate Admission with the non-refundable application fee.
  2. Non-cadet students must be at least 16 years of age at the time of enrollment and be of good moral character.  Cadet students must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrollment and be of good moral character.
  3. Have an official high school transcript and official SAT scores submitted to North Georgia; home-schooled students must provide an Admissions Portfolio.
  4. Present a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.50 or better in CPC coursework.
  5. Present minimum SAT scores of 530 Verbal / 530 Math with a combined total of at least 1100 or ACT scores of 23 English / 23 Math with a composite score of at least 24.
  6. Students attending non-accredited home school programs must provide above average scores from an approved high school summation examination such as the Iowa Test of Educational Development, the California Achievement Test or the Stanford Achievement Test.
  7. Students not participating in the ACCEL program must submit a parental approval and high school approval form. Please note that home schooled students are not eligible for ACCEL funds.
  8. Submit proof of lawful presence in the United States, if seeking in-state tuition. Applicants who have been granted permanent U.S. residency must submit proof of permanent residency.
  9. Applicants seeking F-1 or J-1 visas must complete the international student application and meet international student requirements.
  10. Prior to enrolling, a student must submit a North Georgia Certificate of Immunization, showing proof of immunization should be submitted to Student Health Services.
  11. A completed North Georgia Medical Report (for Cadets only).

Students who were previously Joint Enrolled at a regionally accredited institution prior to enrolling at North Georgia must meet the University System of Georgia minimum requirements for the SAT/ACT and GPA requirements to receive transfer credit.