The Military and Leadership Program

North Georgia College & State University is both an academic and a leadership institution. As the premiere leadership training institution in the state of Georgia, North Georgia recognizes leadership as a key point in its Core Values, affirming its commitment "to maintaining and developing its strong leadership traditions." Leadership has long been an integral part of both the curriculum and co-curricular activities at North Georgia.

All North Georgia students can take advantage of any of the many opportunities available to enhance their leadership abilities, such as receiving formal leadership training, actively participating in campus wide groups and organizations in which leadership is emphasized, and pursuing an academic minor in leadership. The Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership has two tracks: military and service learning.

The military track provides co-curricular and curricular leadership opportunities for students in the North Georgia Corps of Cadets. While completing their academic programs, these students are enriched by an intensive leadership environment that teaches them to apply their knowledge responsibly in interpersonal relations and in influencing collective activity.