Commuter Services

A commuter is one who does not live in university housing and, therefore, commutes to campus every day. Being a commuter student has its challenges. Waking up earlier to bypass morning traffic and find a decent parking space on campus is not always easy. Accessibility to information about resources, services and extra-curricular activities can be challenging. Residential students live, eat, study, and socialize together in residence halls, which allows them to have a greater opportunity to make friends and become socially integrated into the North Georgia community. Commuter students, however, experience more difficulty in finding their niche. Commuter Services along with Commuter Council is your connection to the campus. We are available to direct you to the services and resources available, address your needs and concerns, and, most importantly, help you find ways to get involved and make the most of your college experience. The Commuter Services Office is located in Student Center South.