Certificate in Military Leadership

Total Credit Hours - 12

The Certificate in Military Leadership is designed to enable members of the Corps of Cadets to obtain a certificate upon graduation from North Georgia College & State University. Students will successfully complete a total of eight semesters (or the equivalent) of Military Science to meet the requirements of the certificate program.

Required Military Science Courses:

MILS 1000

Leadership & Personal Development

1 hour

MILS 1100

Introduction to Tactical Leadership

1 hour

MILS 2000

Innovative Team Leadership

1 hour

MILS 2100

Foundations of Tactical Leadership

1 hour

MILS 3000

Fundamentals of Leadership/Problem Analysis

2 hours

MILS 3100

Fundamentals of Leadership/Advanced Decision Making

2 hours

MILS 4000

Command & Staff and the Dynamics of the Modern Battlefield

2 hours

MILS 4100

Introduction to Military Law and Pre-commissioning Orientation

2 hours

Only Cadets in good standing with the university and the Military Department who have earned a baccalaureate degree at North Georgia College & State University but have decided not to commission as Active Duty Army lieutenants are eligible to receive the certificate.