MKTG 3740: Retailing [BBA] (3)

Lecture: 3, Lab: 0, Other: 0

An introductory course on the retailing industry with a managerial approach. The general topics include types of retail institutions, merchandising (retail mix and format), the price/service trade-offs, and consumer analysis. The course will cover strategy decisions involving location analysis, space planning and store configuration and considerable E-commerce/E-Tailing/Internet Marketing content. The course will utilize a topical discussion format with case studies. Pre-requisite: MKTG 3700 and the successful completion of ACCT 2101, ACCT 2102, ECON 2105, ECON 2106, ENGL 1102, and MATH 2040 with a C or higher in each; at least 2.1 Cumulative GPA; at least 2.0 Institutional GPA.