French Major

Core Curriculum Requirements

60 Hours

All baccalaureate programs at North Georgia require the satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester credit hours comprising the six areas of the core curriculum. A complete description of Areas A-E of the core curriculum can be found in that section of the Bulletin. Individual degree programs may specify exceptions and/or particular courses that must be taken within each Area A-E of the core curriculum. Those exceptions and/or course requirements and Area F of the core curriculum are shown below.

Area A

no exceptions

Area B

no exceptions

Area C

no exceptions (World Literature recommended)

Area D

no exceptions

Area E

no exceptions

Area F. Related Courses

18 hours

FREN 2001, 2002

6 hours

Second Language 1001 and 1002

6 hours

1000 or 2000-level foreign language (other than French); ANTH 1101; COMM 1110; ENGL/GNST 2140; HIST 2370 or 2860; PHIL 1001, 2200, or 2500; POLS 2401; SOCI 2100; ENGL 2111 or 2112 not taken in Area C.

6 hours

Note:  1001-1002, 2001-2001, and 1001-2002 sequences are available for some language intensive multi-course formats. Students should consult course schedules for details. Lower-division courses in languages other than Spanish should be completed no later than the junior year to avoid possible scheduling conflicts, as they are often single-section courses.

French Courses

27 hours

FREN 3110, 3120, 3450, 3500, 4110, 4450

18 hours

Two French literature courses

6 hours

One additional course chosen from the following:


FREN 4160, 4170, 4180, 4190, 4200, 3200, 4210, 4890

3 hours

See Study Abroad section for study abroad options

Other Requirements

33 hours

12 hours minimum at 3000 - 4000 level


ART 2510, ART 2520, HIST 2860 or any foreign language course

3 hours

MLAN 2010, any MLAN course, any language course, or literature survey not taken in Area C or F

3 hours

Minor Courses (9 hours minimum at 3000 level or above)

15-18 hours

Open Electives

9-12 hours

(Up to two hours of credit in Physical Education activity courses may be used as an open elective.)

Each student is required to participate in an assessment process that will assist the department in program evaluation.