Academic Renewal Policy

  1. In order to qualify for Academic Renewal (AR) a student must (a) apply for Academic Renewal; (b) have an absence for a period of five consecutive years from any one institution from which he/she is applying for AR; (c) have exited learning support. AR is not granted to students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Academic Renewal will be granted only one time.
  3. Granting of Academic Renewal does not supersede financial aid policies regarding satisfactory academic progress.
  4. A transfer or former returning student who qualifies for Academic Renewal may be accepted and have her/his transcript evaluated for Academic Renewal upon written request or may apply for Academic Renewal within one year of re-entry into North Georgia following a five-year absence.
  5. Currently enrolled students who qualify may apply for AR within one year of the implementation of the AR policy. The academic renewal begins with the first-time enrollment after the five-year absence.
  6. Students granted academic renewal shall retain academic credit for previously completed course work in which a grade of A, B, C, or S has been earned. Grades for retained courses are not calculated in the academic renewal GPA. Courses with grades of D or F must be repeated at the Academic Renewal institution if they are required in the student's degree program. Further, all remaining courses for the current degree objective must be completed at the Academic Renewal institution ( i.e., no transient credit will be accepted). An Academic Renewal student cannot earn degree credit through CLEP exams.
  7. The Academic Renewal GPA (AR-GPA) begins at the time of entry into North Georgia following a five-year absence and applies to courses completed subsequent to the date of academic renewal.
    1. The transcript shall show all transferable academic course work, and a true cumulative GPA shall be recorded on the transcript for Academic Renewal students.
    2. A legend shall appear on the North Georgia transcript for the transfer student below the transferred credits or on the native student's transcript indicating the date of Academic Renewal. This legend shall be followed by a listing of courses for which Academic Renewal credit has been retained.
    3. Classes that are repeated shall be indicated as repeat classes even though credit has not been granted.
  8. Granting of AR will not supersede the grade point average requirements of the Departments of Education, Nursing, and Physical Therapy under the following conditions:
    1. A student granted academic renewal shall earn at least 18 additional semester hours of academic credit, excluding basic military science and physical education activities classes, with an acceptable grade point average before being considered for admission into any of the programs.
    2. Re-entry into education, nursing, or physical therapy for previously admitted students who request academic renewal is not automatic and requires departmental approval.
  9. United States and Georgia History and Constitution requirements met prior to the granting of AR will remain on the student's permanent record even though the courses used to satisfy these requirements may not be included in the AR credit.
  10. A transfer or native student who receives AR shall be subject to academic performance guidelines, probation and suspension policies, and Regents' Test requirements as stated in the undergraduate bulletin. Hours for the application of these policies shall be the cumulative attempted hours, not the AR credit hours.
  11. At least 50% of work toward a degree must be completed after the granting of Academic Renewal status for a student to be eligible for honors at graduation.
  12. The AR-GPA shall be used for graduation purposes. All other graduation requirements as stated in the appropriate undergraduate bulletin shall apply.