Non-Military Resident Students

Information for Non-Military Resident Students

Students who have been admitted as non-military resident students will receive an email instructing them how to complete a housing application once they have paid the confirmation fee. The housing contract and the housing deposit must be returned before housing assignments can be finalized.

Roommate requests will be honored whenever space permits. Such requests can be accommodated more easily if students indicate their roommate preference on their housing application and requests are mutual.

Rental rates vary based housing style and are assigned based on the order which the housing contract is completed. The Residence Life Office cannot change assignments based on financial need.

Most rooms are designed for double occupancy. Private rooms may be obtained on a space available basis for a separate room fee.

Campus housing accommodations may be denied, cancelled, or changed at the discretion of the university. The university reserves the right to enter and inspect any campus residence room or space at any time.

The university assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of personal property resulting from any incident over which it has no control. All residential students are strongly advised to purchase renter's insurance.

Questions regarding housing should be directed the Residence Life Office at 706-864-1902 or at

Termination of Residence Hall Contract by the Student (Non-Military)

In order to be released from this contract, a student must submit a written appeal based on the student no longer being enrolled at the University or upon a change in the student's familial status. The termination penalty assessed on granted requests is the forfeiture of the housing deposit and payment of (3) full months rent from the last month of occupancy or date of written appeal.

Students may recruit another student to take over any remaining portion of their housing contracts. Students wishing to surrender a contract will not be released from that contract until the other students' contract is approved by North Georgia's Office of Residence Life. The student surrendering the contract will be charged a $50 substitution of contract fee as detailed in the housing contract.

Newly Admitted Students

Newly admitted freshmen or transfer students who have completed a housing contract for a future term may submit a written requests to cancel his/her housing contract prior to July 1st for fall semester or November 1st for spring semester without penalty.

When written notification of cancellation is received after July 15 for fall semester and December 1st for spring semester and the student remains enrolled at the University for that semester, the student is bound to the terms of the housing contract and is responsible for payment of all room fees for the semester.