Transient Applicants

Students who are enrolled at another college or university may apply for the privilege of temporary registration at North Georgia. Such students will ordinarily be those who expect to return to the college or university in which they were previously enrolled. These policies shall govern admission of transient students:

  1. The student must apply for admission to North Georgia and pay the non-refundable application fee.
  2. The admissions office must have evidence that the institution which the student previously attended was a regionally accredited or approved institution.
  3. An applicant may be accepted as a transient student when it appears that the applicant's previous academic work is of satisfactory quality. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions may require the applicant to submit a transcript of previous college work.
  4. An applicant for admission as a transient student must submit a transient permission letter from her/his home institution which recommends the student for admission as a transient student. The letter must state that the student is in good standing and eligible to return to the home institution. Students on academic probation, suspension or dismissal (academic or disciplinary) will not be admitted.
  5. Admission is for only one term.
  6. All applicants are required to submit proof of lawful presence in the United States.
  7. Immunization records must be provided to Student Health Services. Students applying as a transient student for a study abroad program are not required to have immunization records.
  8. A student who wishes to return as a transient student must reapply and submit an updated transient letter from her/his home institution each semester.
  9. Transient students who wish to apply to North Georgia after attending as a transfer student must apply, follow transfer applicant procedures and meet transfer requirements.
  10. Students wishing to reapply as a transient student or apply as a transfer must meet all admission requirements and deadlines.