The Corps of Cadets

Each student who desires to become a member of the Corps of Cadets must successfully complete New Cadet Orientation, also known as "Frog Week," at the beginning of her/his first semester of participation. This orientation teaches the new Cadet the rules, regulations, and standards of the Corps of Cadets, as well as how to adapt to life as a Cadet and to execute basic drill movements. A student will not be allowed to enter the Corps of Cadets without completing this essential training.

To facilitate administration and training, the Corps is organized into a brigade of two battalions, each consisting of three or more companies. Also included is Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the largest Cadet company. Immediately upon reporting to the university, a new Cadet is assigned to a company. This unit quickly becomes the focal point for a new Cadet's life on campus. It becomes a "home away from home" and provides immediate social stability in a new environment. It also provides an opportunity for academic coaching through upperclassmen. Additionally, the company provides the structure around which a spirited intramural sports program is developed and implemented. The competition between companies in the Corps ends with the designation of Honor Company at the end of each academic semester. Honor Company is awarded to the unit receiving the highest combined score in academics, athletics, military training, and unit administration.

The "Cadet system" of control prevailing within the Corps is a specialized system of student government in which there is extensive, direct, and continual involvement of the Cadets in the management of their own affairs. The conduct of Cadets and most of the activities of organizations within the Corps are the responsibility of the Cadet officers and non-commissioned officers. Thus, for all students seeking responsibilities and involvement, North Georgia offers outstanding opportunities.

All Cadets may and are encouraged to compete for leadership positions. The first step in this process is to attend the Cadet Noncommissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) after the freshman year. Successful completion of the NCOA is a prerequisite for selection to any rank above Cadet corporal. Consideration is given to demonstrated interest, motivation, military knowledge, academic standing (minimum requirement is an overall C average), leadership potential, and individual conduct records when selecting individuals for positions of responsibility. Eligibility for advancement in rank parallels advancement in academic class standings. For example, non-commissioned officers are selected from the sophomore and junior classes, while officers are selected from the senior class.

Cadet officers and non-commissioned officers are expected to set an example in appearance, conduct, and compliance with university-approved Corps regulations, and they are expected to enforce these regulations in a fair and impartial manner so as to promote respect, morale, and sound discipline. A copy of Corps regulations, known as the Blue Book, is issued to every Cadet.

Membership in the Corps of Cadets is open to all students who are admitted to the university, except certain students whose physical condition, as judged by the university physician and the commandant acting jointly, is determined to be inconsistent with requirements for normal participation in marching in formation and living in Cadet residence halls without special assistance, equipment, or diet.

Cadets may earn the privilege of wearing appropriate civilian clothing after 5:00 PM.