From its founding, North Georgia College & State University has been a leadership institution dedicated to these propositions:

  1. The American way of life depends on the leadership of superior citizens who maintain the ideals of freedom through hard work and eternal vigilance.
  2. With the rights and privileges of citizenship, quality men and women must assume responsibility for the leadership of those around them. A part of this obligation is to be prepared to serve in the defense of the United States if needed.
  3. The freedom of this nation rests upon a viable economy and strong defense, which in turn require a continuing source of leaders with the intellectual, moral, and physical attributes to perform effectively in a wide variety of leadership, management, and administrative positions.
  4. Leadership instruction and training, through emphasis on cooperation, responsiveness, loyalty, appearance, self-confidence, and personal responsibilities, provide invaluable preparation for the successful pursuit of careers spanning a broad range of civic endeavors.

North Georgia has a long and distinguished tradition as a leadership institution. Students have been attracted by the camaraderie, individual attention, self-discipline, and the leadership opportunities the military program offers.