Leadership Development

The many student organizations, the Corps of Cadets, the Resident Assistant program, the INTRO program (new student orientation), and the classroom environment encourage leadership development in students. Holding student offices, managing a military unit or a floor in one of the residence halls, attending leadership workshops and leading an orientation group all develop leadership, management, and communication skills among students.

North Georgia College & State University offers a variety of training programs to enhance student leadership development. These include leadership academics through a Leadership Minor and Military Science courses, resident assistant workshops, and Adventure Training (INTRO leaders). Also, an Adventure Challenge Course (ropes course) is offered both as a leadership development course for all student organization leaders and as a class in the Department of Health and Physical Education. The course is designed to promote coordination, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and trust. Workshops, speakers, and film series are held for all students interested in leadership development.

In addition to experiential leadership development outside the traditional classroom environment, a number of departments offer classes in which leadership styles and dynamics are studied in depth.