Master of Science with a Major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Requirements

Graduation requirements for the Master of Science with a Major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling student include:

  1. Completion of 60 designated semester hours of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, with no grade of less than a B.*
  2. Successful passing of the comprehensive examination.
  3. Satisfactory completion of practicum and internship requirements.
  4. Completion of at least 42 hours of graduate degree requirements in residence, with no more than six hours of transfer credit.
  5. Completion of all degree-related course requirements, including transfer credit, within a six-year period.

*Degree objectives may require more than the minimum number of hours to meet certain professional standards.

Curriculum for Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Professional Core (30 Semester Hours)

COUN 6000

Introduction to Clinical Mental Health

3 hours

COUN 6020

Life Span Development

3 hours

COUN 6040

Counseling Ethics

3 hours

COUN 6100

Psychological Helping Skills

3 hours

COUN 6200

Counseling Theory

3 hours

COUN 6300

Group Counseling

3 hours

COUN 6400

Career Development

3 hours

COUN 6500

Multicultural Counseling

3 hours

COUN 6600

Psychological Assessment

3 hours

COUN 6700

Research Methods

3 hours

Clinical Labs (6 Semester Hours)

COUN 6110

Psychological Helping Skills Lab

1 hour

COUN 6210

Counseling Theories Lab

1 hour

COUN 6310

Group Counseling Lab

1 hour

COUN 6410

Career Development Lab

1 hour

COUN 6510

Multicultural Counseling Lab

1 hour

COUN 6610

Psychological Assessment Lab

1 hour

Major Courses (12 Semester Hours)

COUN 7280

Family Counseling

3 hours

COUN 7100

Psychopathological Diagnosis

3 hours

COUN 7200

Substance Abuse Counseling

3 hours

COUN 7400

Advanced Clinical Mental Health Counseling

3 hours

Applied Clinical Practice (9 Semester Hours)

COUN 7500


3 hours

COUN 7510

Internship I

3 hours

COUN 7520

Internship II

3 hours

Electives (3 Semester Hours)

COUN 7010

Special Topics in Counseling

3 hours

Thesis Option (6 Semester Hours)

COUN 7840

Thesis Proposal

3 hours

COUN 7840

Thesis Defense

3 hours

Comprehensive Exam (0 Hours)


Comprehensive Exam

0 hours


Minimum of 60 Semester Hours