Criminal Justice Major, Criminal Forensics Concentration: Bachelor of Science

Core Curriculum Requirements

60 Hours

All baccalaureate programs at North Georgia have as a requirement the satisfactory completion of at least 60 semester credit hours comprising the six areas of the core curriculum. A complete description of Areas A-E of the core curriculum can be found in Core Curriculum. Individual degree programs may specify exceptions and/or particular courses which must be taken within each Area A-E of the core curriculum. Those exceptions and/or course requirements and Area F of the core curriculum are shown below.

Area A

no exceptions

Area B

no exceptions

Area C

no exceptions

Area D

no exceptions

Area E

Students should not take POLS 1101 or SOCI 1101 in Area E. This course is required in Area F.

Area F: Courses Related to the Area of Study

18 hours

CRJU 1100

3 hours

CRJU 2001

3 hours

CRJU 2002

3 hours

SOCI 1101

3 hours

SOCI 1160

3 hours

POLS 1101

3 hours

Major Area

1. Required Courses

(21 Hours)

CRJU 3601

3 hours

CRJU 3602

3 hours

CRJU 3000, 3010, 3310, 3311 and 3312

15 hours

2. Criminal Forensics Concentration

(18 hours)

CRJU 4004 Criminal Forensics I

3 hours

CRJU 4005 Criminal Forensics II

3 hours

Select from the following:

12 hours

CRJU 4002 Drug Identification and Investigation


CRJU 4008 Death Investigation

CRJU 4000 Criminal Investigations

CRJU 4111 Evidence

CRJU 4310 Criminal Typologies

3. Internship (12 hours)

CRJU 4850C

12 hours

4. Elective (9 hours)

Nine credit hours to bring the total number of credit hours to at least 120 hours.

Military Science requirement (for military students)

U.S. & Georgia Constitution and History requirements

Regents' Skills Test or exemption (must be taken during the first semester)