Modern Language Study Abroad Programs

The University System of Georgia and North Georgia College & State University provide students with a variety of opportunities to study abroad while earning academic credit through approved programs toward completion of degree requirements at their home campus.

Studying abroad enables students to increase knowledge of a foreign language; provides the opportunity to gain insights into and appreciation for the cultures and institutions of other peoples; facilitates the development of relevant career skills; and contributes to personal maturity, a sense of independence, self-knowledge and confidence.

In accordance with North Georgia's mission, which places new emphasis on orienting students toward international perspectives and competency in other languages and cultures, the Department of Modern Languages cooperates with the University's Center for Global Engagement to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students to incorporate study abroad into their plans of study.

The Department of Modern Languages offers a French language study program in Quebec City, Canada, in conjunction with the UniversitÚ Laval and a Spanish language program in Santander & Nerja, Spain, through the Universidad Internacional MenÚndez Pelayo and the Escuela de Idiomas, respectively. Additionally, the Department, in conjunction with area high schools, sponsors a summer French Study Abroad Program in Toulouse, France, for high school students jointly enrolled at North Georgia College & State University and their respective high schools. Also, the Department's Mexican Cultures and Societies course (SPAN 3070) includes an optional trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico during spring break. Students live with approved Mexican families and enjoy excursions around Mexico City and earn one hour of course credit.

In addition to the above summer programs, the Department maintains and continues to develop various covenants and agreements with foreign universities that allow students to enjoy additional study-abroad opportunities. A covenant with the GRIIS Institute in Granada, Spain, confers membership in a consortium that includes Boston College, the Monterey Institute, Simmons College and the University of Granada. At the GRIIS Institute, students may complete work toward a minor or major in Spanish during one or two semesters of study. An exchange agreement with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, offers students an opportunity to complete a minor in Chinese as well as participate in Tsinghua's summer camp in English. North Georgia also enjoys an exchange agreement with the University of Fribourg, Switzerland to provide full range of university coursework, and maintains internship opportunities in Garmisch, Germany. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Department for details.

Study Abroad Programs are open to all undergraduate students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5; however, some may require a higher GPA and completion of prerequisites. Graduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students in the University System of Georgia may use their financial aid toward study abroad programs. A limited number of scholarships are available. For further information, contact the Department of Modern Languages, or visit our web site.

In approved summer programs for the study of foreign language and culture, beginning students may earn up to six hours of credit (1001 and 1002) during a four-week program. More advanced students may earn up to nine hours of credit in a six-week program of study. Credit for these courses may apply toward the language requirements for the core, for other programs, and toward a minor or major plan of study in language.

Credit hours earned in North Georgia and USG-approved Study Abroad programs are automatically accepted by all USG institutions. However, for students to receive credit for Study Abroad programs taken beyond the purview of the USG, the appropriateness and rigor of such programs must be affirmed. Therefore, students must have all study-abroad plans and coursework approved by the Department of Modern Languages and the North Georgia Center for Global engagement BEFORE traveling. Otherwise, credit will not be accepted.

Work completed on an approved North Georgia study abroad program counts toward the residency requirement. Exemptions to this or any other requirements with regard to study abroad call for special circumstances and approval by the Department. Students are reminded to review the "Candidacy for the Degree" requirements as regards residency.

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