Business Leadership Concentration

Concentration in Business Leadership

9 Hours

Business majors (Accounting, Finance, Management, or Marketing) interested in pursuing a "Concentration in Business Leadership" should submit a letter of intent to the Leadership Minor Advisor for Business. The letter should outline the student's definition of leadership and demonstrate the student's commitment to personal leadership development. The Leadership Minor Advisor for Business will work in collaboration with the Leadership Curriculum Committee to approve potential students for the Concentration in Business Leadership.

Courses taken to satisfy the concentration may be used as electives in the BBA Plan of Study. The concentration will appear on official University transcripts.


  1. Have a letter of intent approved by the Leadership Minor Advisor for Business.
  2. Successfully complete the following nine semester hours credit in the School of Business:

    BUSA 3910—Business Leadership: Theories and Processes (grade of B or better required for the concentration)

    BUSA 3920—Business Leadership Project (grade of B or better required for the concentration)

    BUSA 3995—Leadership in Business

  3. Maintain a leadership portfolio that includes copies of all papers, projects, and exams from the leadership elective courses.
  4. Complete degree requirements for a BBA.
  5. Satisfy exit requirements. These include documentation of the previous requirements and a short essay that captures how the student's view of leadership evolved during the program. The essay will outline how the student plans to use the knowledge gained from the concentration in his/her business profession.