Adams, Ms. Deborah Wehunt, Program Development Specialist, Public Services/Continuing Education

Adams, Ms. Linda, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Adams, Ms. Melissa, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Academic Affairs

Adams Jr., Mr. Ross Wood, Police/Security Lead, Public Safety

Aganovic, Mr. Enes, Academic Services Professional, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Alday, Mr. Thomas, IT Client Support Professional, Student Technology

Alvarez, Ms. Jenica, Limited Term Professional, Teacher Education

Antonia, Mr. Keith P., Director, Cadet Admissions/Cadet Recruitment

Balch, Mr. Jeff, Assistant Director, Information & Instructional Technology

Balkcom, Ms. Laura, Assistant Director, Health Educator, Infirmary

Barnaby, Ms. Andria, Textbook Manager, Bookstore

Barnaby, Ms. Jacqueline, Campus Card Manager, Card Office

Barnaby, Mr. James, Coordinator, Risk Management, Public Safety

Barton, Ms. Michele, Web Resources Support Specialist, Information & Instructional Technology

Beall, Mr. Jonathan, Sports Information Director, Sports Information

Bell, Ms. Virginia, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Bennett, Mr. Paul, Police Officer, Public Safety

Bermann, Mr. Todd, Director, Physical Plant Administration

Berninger, Mr. Christopher, Assistant Director, Cadet Recruiting

Berry, Mr. Dustin, Moving/Setup Assistant, Plant Operations

Blihovde, Ms. Mary Lois, Staff Assistant, Residence Life

Blum, Mr. David, SFC (Ret), Night Tactical Officer, Commandant's Office

Boatfield, Mr. Jeff, HVAC Supervisor, Plant Operations

Boggan, Mr. Jeffrey, Director of Development, University Development

Boling, Ms. Martha, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Boudreau, Ms. Amy, Library Assistant, Library

Bowman III, Mr. Dowling R., Accountant, Advancement

Boyd, Mr. Edward, Application Programmer Analyst, Information & Instructional Technology

Brady, Ms. Jill, Registrar, Registrar's Office

Brandt, Ms. Erin, Coordinator, First Year Transitions, Residence Hall

Branscome, Mr. Arnold L., Service/Maintenance Foreman/Lead, Plant Operations

Brock, Ms. Carolyn, Library Assistant, Library

Brooks, Ms. Angela C., Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Brooks, Ms. Anita, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Brooks, Ms. Catherine L., Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Brooks, Mr. Robert A., Plumber, Plant Operations

Brooksher, Ms. Lori, Office Administrator, Health & Physical Education Department

Brown, Ms. Anna, Staff Associate, General Student Welfare

Brown, Mr. David E., Automotive Mechanic I, Plant Operations

Brown, Ms. Suzanne, Accounting Clerk, Comptroller's Office

Bryan, Ms. Tammy L., Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Bryant, Ms. Denise, Assistant Compliance Coordinator/Budget Mgr., Athletics Administration

Burch, Mr. Larry, Shipping & Receiving Clerk, Bookstore

Burnett, Ms. Kimberly, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Burns, Ms. Lora, Staff Assistant, QEP

Burns, Mr. Ronald, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Burrow, Ms. Janet, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Burt, Ms. Jan, Admin. Specialist/Coordinator, Academic Advisement Center

Bush, Ms. Audrey, Information Systems Associate, Financial Aid

Bush, Ms. Emily L., Office Administrator, Visual Arts

Byers, Mr. William, Service/Maintenance Foreman/Lead, Plant Operations

Caldwell, Ms. Donna, Comptroller, Business Office

Caldwell, Ms. Gina, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Caldwell, Ms. Kimberly, Payroll/Accounting Asst., Payroll

Caldwell, Ms. Wanda, Loans/Collections Specialist, Comptroller Office

Canseco, Mr. Julio, Project Director, Physical Plant

Cantrell, Mr. Thomas, Head Coach, Baseball, Health & Physical Education

Cantrell, Mr. Johnny, HVAC Technician, Plant Operations

Carter, Ms. Zeneth, Payroll Supervisor, Payroll

Chadwick, Ms. Jennifer, Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Chapman, Mr. Joseph, Groundskeeper, Plant Operations

Charest, Ms. Kimberly, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate Admissions & Recruiting

Chester, Ms. Carol, Library Specialist, Library

Chester, Ms. Tania, Service/Maintenance Worker, Environmental Health & Safety

Chisholm, Ms. Shauna, Student Services Professional, Career Services

Church, Ms. Christine M., Director of Annual Giving, University Development

Clower, Dr. John, Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Affairs

Cochran, Ms. Paula, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Conner, Mr. Jarad, HR Generalist, Human Resources

Cook, Ms. Jennifer, Nursing Professional, Student Health Services

Copeland, Ms. Cathryn, Nurse Practitioner, Nursing-MSN

Cordery, Mr. Simon, Medical Professional, Student Counseling

Cox, Ms. Kayla, Financial Aid Clerk, Financial Aid

Craig, Mr. William, Mantenance Worker, Auxiliary Services

Cronan, Ms. Lori, Application Programmer, Information & Instructional Technology

Croy, Ms. Carolyn, Staff Associate, Teacher Education

Cubera, Mr. Joseph, Superintendent, Building, Plant Operations

Cueva, Mr. Jonathan, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate Admissions

Daigle, Mr. Derek, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Daniell, Ms. Brandi, Office/Clerical Assistant, Student Financial Aid

Davenport, Mr. Andrew, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate Admissions

Davidson, Mr. Randy, Maintenance Supervisor, Owen Hall

Davis, Ms. Beverly, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Davis, Mr. Jeffery, Associate VP for Facilities, Auxiliary Services

Davis, Ms. Laurie, Bookstore Manager, Bookstore

Dennis, Ms. Iris, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Dills, Ms. Judy, Accounting Clerk, Bookstore

Distefano, Mr. Edward, Client Support Specialist, Information & Instruction Technology

Ditchfield, Ms. Dora, Director, Career Services

Donat, Dr. Patricia, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Doster, Ms. Martha, Office Manager, Owen Hall

Dowdy, Mrs. Elayne, Administrative Secretary, Military Science Department

Dowdy, Ms. Vicki, Office Administrator, History

Duckworth, Mr. Garry, Paint Supervisor, Plant Operations

Dunn, Mr. Randy, Athletic Director, Health, Physical Education

Edge, Ms. Hazel, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Erwin, Ms. Angela, Office Administrator, Math & Computer Science

Erwin, Mr. Scotty, Limited Term Skilled Crafts, Plant Operations

Fambrough, Ms. Valerie, Office Administrator, English

Fauscett, Ms. Amanda, Office/Clerical Assistant, Continuing Education Programs

Fauscett, Ms. Martha, Admissions Associate, Undergraduate Admissions & Recruiting

Ferencz, Ms. Lesley, Accountant, Comptroller's Office

Findley, Dr. Brenda, Assoc. VP for Administration/Director, Human Resources

Flack, Ms. Michelle, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Fortune, Ms. Jemima, Coordinator, Student Leadership & Commuter Services, Student Affairs

Fuller, Ms. Linda, Staff Associate, Commandant's Office

Gable, Mr. Devin, Groundskeeper, Plant Operations

Gaddis, Ms. Brenda, Assistant Bursar, Comptroller's Office

Gailey, Ms. Ashley, Office/Clerical Assistant, Comptroller's Office

Garcia, Mr. Alan, Police Officer, Public Safety

Garcia, Ms. Cathy, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Garmon, Ms. Joyce, Secretary to the President, President's Office

Garst, Ms. Nancy B., Transfer Credit Evaluator, Registrar's Office

Gerheim, Ms. Wendy, Sales Associate, Bookstore

Gessell, Dr. Donna, Director, Regional Engagement

Gilreath, Mr. Dwain R., HVAC Technician, Plant Operations

Gilstrap, Ms. Estelle, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Office of Business & Finance

Gilstrap, Ms. Michelle, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Goodall, Mr. Jared, International Student Advisor, Global Engagement

Gooden, Ms. Linda, Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Grizzle, Ms. Angela, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of Education

Grizzle, Mr. Jeff, Service & Maintenance Tech, Auxiliary Services

Grizzle, Mr. Mike, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Grizzle, Ms. Valarie, Senior Budget Analyst, Business & Finance

Grizzle, Mr. Vaughn, Facilities Coordinator, Health & Physical Education Department

Guy, Mr. Trevis, Police Lieutenant, Public Safety

Hagler, Mr. Matthew, Multi-media Technician, IIT

Hansen, Mr. Milton, Buyer, Materials Management

Hanson, Ms. Nancy, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Mike Cottrell School of Business

Harris, Ms. Kim, Electronic Systems Technician, Plant Operations

Hatfield, Ms. Mary, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Head, Mr. Roger, Painter I, Plant Operations

Helms, Ms. Sarah, Recruiting & Benefits Specialist, Human Resources

Henderson, Ms. Mindy, Director, Recreational Sports

Hill, Ms. Shannon, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid

Holcombe, Mr. George, Electrician I, Plant Operations

Holeman, Mr. Terrence, Assistant Manager, Bookstore

Holmes, Mr. Colly, Coordinator, Residential Education

Hook, Ms. Katrena, Academic Computing Support Specialist, Student Technology

Hooper, Ms. Freda, Manager, Accounting & Financial Services, Comptroller's Office

Horne, Ms. Cynthia, Library Assistant, Library

Huczek, Ms. Carol, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Information & Instructional Technology

Huffman, Ms. Lindsey, Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball, Health & Physical Education Department

Hughes, Ms. Dawn, Police Officer, Public Safety

Hughes, Ms. Susan, Library Associate, Library

Hulsey, Ms. Stephanie, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate Admissions

Hunsinger, Ms. Kathy, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

James, Ms. Lara, Program Accounting Specialist, Comptroller's Office

Johnson, Ms. Rosemary, Information Center Coordinator, Public Services/Continuing Education

Jones, Mr. Glenn, Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services

Jones, Ms. Gloria, Office Administrator, Infirmary

Jones, Ms. Nora, Data Manager, Advancement

Justus, Ms. Lisa, Lead Sales Associate, Bookstore

Keith-Jones, Ms. Kristy, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Keller, Ms. Kathleen, Office Administrator, Psychology & Sociology

Kelley, Ms. Sally, Executive Assistant, Military Science

Kennedy, Ms. Jennifer, Admissions Officer, Undergraduate Admissions

Kindon, Ms. Donna, Assistant Director, Materials Management

Kirk, Mr. Johnny, Grounds Equipment Operator, Plant Operations

Kravchenko, Mr. Peter, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Lach, Ms. Melissa, Learning Support Specialist, Learning Support

Largent, Ms. Margaret, Staff Assistant, Nursing, NETF

Leavitt, Mr. Andrew, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Ledford, Ms. Kandi, Coordinator, Greek Life & Communter Services, Student Affairs

Ledford, Ms. Laura, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Lee, Mr. Alan, Locksmith, Plant Operations

Livingston, Mr. Thomas, Materials Handler, Auxiliary Services

Loggins, Mr. Robert, Assistant Storekeeper, Materials Management

Loggins, Ms. Susan, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Lowe, Ms. Cynthia, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions & Recruiting

Loyd, Mr. Norman, Assistant Network Manager, Student Technology

Mady, Mr. Ashraf, Administrative Computing Manager, Information & Instructional Technology

Maine, Ms. Margaret, Director, University Relations

Mann, Ms. Jeanette, Academic Services Professional, Nursing-BSN

Martin, Ms. Beverly, Information Center Clerk, Public Safety

Martin, Ms. Debbie, Marketing/PR Professional, University Relations

Martin, Mr. Edward, Carpenter, Plant Operations

Martin, Dr. Mac, Director, Student Counseling

Martinez, Ms. Daniela, Studies Abroad Advisor, Global Engagement

Mason, Mr. Chuck, Storekeeper, Materials Management

Mason, Ms. Melissa, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operation

Matthews, Ms. Alisha, Staff Assistant, Physical Plant

Matthews, Crystal, HRIS/Records Coordinator, Human Resources

Maxwell, Mrs. Melinda, Admin Tech, Military Science Department

May, Ms. Judith, Budget Analyst, VP Business & Finance

Mayo, Mr. Scott, Skilled Craft Foreman, Plant Operations

McCarter, Ms. Suzanne, Office Administrator, Political Science & Criminal Justice

McConnell, Mr. Frank (Mac), Vice President, Business & Finance

McCracken, Ms. Janet, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

McDonald, Mr. Carl, Central Receiving Clerk, Materials Management

McEntire, Ms. Dovie, Assistant Systems Administrator, Information & Instructional Technology

McHan, Ms. Judy, Web Administrator, Information & Instructional Technology

McHan, Mr. Steve, Dorm Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Operations

McIntosh, Ms. Elizabeth, Coordinator, Student Disability Resources

McKinnon, Ms. Marilyn, Office Administrator, Performing Arts

McLeod, Eva, Admissions Associate, Undergraduate Admissions

McLeod, Mr. Steven, Client Services Manager, Student Technology

McLeod, Mr. Terry M., Interim Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Meeks, Ms. Carol, Office Assistant, Teacher Education

Miller, Ms. Kimberly, Director Subdivision/Unit AD, Institutional Advancement

Miller, Ms. Susan, Staff Associate, Recreation Center

Mincey, Mr. John, Supervisor, Grounds Equipment, Plant Operations

Moss, Mr. James, Lead Client Support Specialist, Information & Instructional Technology

Moss, Mr. Tim, HVAC Mechanic, Plant Operations

Mulkey, Ms. Jennifer, Senior Accounting Clerk, Comptroller' Office

Mullins, Ms. Laura, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of Arts & Letters

Mullins, Ms. Sean, Institutional Research Professional, Institutional Effectiveness

Murry, Mr. Brian, Information Security Analyst, Information & Instructional Technology

Neikirk, MAJ Richard, Assist. Commandant of Cadets, Commandant's Office

Nelken, Mr. Eric, Student Environments Coordinator, Information & Instructional Technology

Newburn, Ms. Mary, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Office of Student Affairs

Nix, Mr. William, Asst. Databases & Systems Administrator, Information & Instructional Technology

Noah, Ms. Shelia, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, School of Science & Health Professions

Nowak, Mr. Albert J., Tactical Officer, Commandant's Office

Nowak, Mr. Joseph, Landscape/Grounds, Plant Operations

O'Brien, Mr. Michael, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

O'Connor, Ms. Billie, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

O'Gorman, Ms. Jane, Director, Public Services/Continuing Education

Osicka, Ms. Sarah, Lab Coordinator - Beetle Lab, Physics

Ostopick, Ms. Katelyn, Athletic Professor, Health & Physical Education

Palmer, Col. James, Director, Commandant's Office

Papka, Mr. Dean A., Area Coordinator, Residence Halls

Parker, Ms. Christina, Assessment Data Manager, Teacher Education

Parker, Ms. Sherry Lynn, Staff Associate, Bookstore

Parten, Mr. William A., Grounds Keeper I, Plant Operations

Paszkowski, Mr. Austin, Help Desk Manager, Student Technology

Paul, Ms. Alyson, Director, Residence Life,

Payne, Dr. Bryson, Chief IT Officer, Information & Instruction Technology

Perren, Mr. Timothy, Safety/Risk Management Technician, Public Safety

Perry, Ms. Susan, Graduate Admissions Counselor, Graduate Studies

Perry, Ms. Tonya, Senior Records Coordinator, Business Administration

Pickelsimer, Mr. Van, Brick Mason I, Plant Operations

Podsen, Mr. Stephen, Limited Term Professional, Teacher Education

Poland, Ms. Mary, A, Library Specialist, Library

Potter, Dr. David L., President, Office of the President

Proctor, Ms. Melissa, Senior Accounting Assistant, Comptroller's Office

Pruitt, Ms. Emily, Staff Assistant, Auxiliary Services

Pruitt, Mr. Jason, Academic Advisor/Compliance Coord., Athletics Administration.

Rayner, Ms. Jill, Director, Financial Aid

Reed, Ms. Ann, Office Administrator, Nursing ASN

Reeves, Ms. Lindsay, Assistant Athletic Director, Health & Physical Education

Reid, Mr. David, Postal Supervisor, Post Office

Rich, Ms. Kathy, Coordinator of Testing, Testing Office

Ricketts, Ms. Brenda, Program & Camp Coordinator, Public Services/Continuing Education

Roberts, Ms. Kelly, Director, Sponsored Programs

Roberts, Ms. Laura, Medical Office Assistant, Infirmary

Robinson, Ms. April, Licensed Practical Nurse, Infirmary

Robinson, Ms. Ramona, Administrative Specialist, Office of Vice President, Academic Affairs

Rogers, Ms. Edna, Marketing/PR Professional, University Relations

Rodriguez-Smith, Ms. Christina, Assistant Director, Cadet Admissions

Roush, Ms. Anita, Limited Term Professional, Teacher Education

Roy, Mr. Andrew, Pine Valley Attendant , Plant Operations

Roy, Mr. Roger, Police Sgt., Public Safety

Saine, Ms. Lynn, Office Administrative Secretary, Registrar's Office

Sansbury, Ms. Margaret, Assistant Director, Registrar's Office

Satterfield, Mr. John, Plumbing Supervisor, Plant Operations

Schwartz, Ms. Nancy, Office Administrator, Modern Languages

Scott, Ms. Kelli, Inst. Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness

Seabolt, Ms. Anna, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Seabolt, Ms. Carrie, Staff Associate, Card Office

Seabolt, Ms.Delores, Administrative Assistant, Commandant's Office

Seaton, Ms. Barbara, Web Content Manager, Web Technology

Sexton, Ms. Treva, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Owen Hall

Sherman, Mr. Casey, Client Support Specialist II, Information & Instruction Technology

Shockley, Ms. Shannon, Office/Clerical Assistant, Registrar's Office

Simmons, Ms. Aireyll, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Sisk, Ms. Kathleen, Interim Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Sizemore, Mr. Kenneth, Grounds Keeper I, Plant Operations

Smiley, Mr. Robert, Dispatcher, Public Safety

Smith, Ms. Annie, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Smith, Ms. Evelyn, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Smith, Ms. Linda, Office Administrator, Biology

Smith, Mr. Lonnie, Supervisor, Moving & Setup, Plant Operations

Smith, Ms. Norma, Staff Associate, Testing Office

Stapleton, Mr. Michael, Director, Public Safety

Stoffel, Ms. Pamela, Director of Advancement Information, Advancement

Stover, Ms. Linda, Undergraduate Nursing Admissions Counselor, Nursing, ASN

Strzemienski, Mr. Adam, Police Officer, Public Safety

Stubbs, Mr. Steven, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office

Sutton, Ms. Joyce, Manager, Print Services

Sweeley, Ms. Christy, Staff Associate, Public Safety

Taylor, Ms. Judy, Allied Health Tech, Student Health Services

Taylor, Ms. Regina, Senior Staff Associate, Physical Therapy

Thomas, Mr. Wes, Director, Student Center & Activities

Thrasher, Ms. Janet, Printing Services Assistant, Print Shop

Tilton, Mr. Robert, Data Base Administrator, Information & Instructional Technology

Tolbert, Ms. Janet, Dispatcher, Public Safety

Tolbert, Mr. Justin, System Administrator, Information & Instruction Technology

Tomlinson, Ms. Karen, Director, Student Health Services

Tonner, Ms. Shawn, Director, Library

Trammell, Ms. Laura, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Tritt, Ms. Barbara, Supervisor of Work Management, Physical Plant

Truelove, Ms. Cindy, A/P Supervisor, Comptroller

Truelove, Mr. Daryl, Press Operator, Print Shop

Trust, Ms. Gena, Coordinator, Multicultural Services

Turner, Ms. Brooke, Assistant Director, Recreational Sports, Student Center

Turner, Ms. Dana, Administrative Manager, School of Education

Turner, Mr. Justin, Client Support Specialist, Information & Instructional Technology

Vincent, Ms. Beverly, Budget Coordinator, Business & Finance

Vincent, Dawn, Admissions Associate, Admissions

Wade, Ms. Charlotte, Bursar, Comptroller's Office

Walden, Ms. Patricia, Staff Associate, Nursing, MSN

Walker, Mr. Aaron, Technical Support Associate, Card Office

Walter, Ms. Wendy, Office/Clerical Assistant, MBA Program

Walton, Ms. Melissa, Office Administrator, Chemistry

Wasson, Ms. Fran, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office

Waters, Ms. Christie, Office Administrator, Business Administration

Weaver, Mr. Jody, Truelove, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Webb, Mr. James, Network Security Officer, Information & Instructional Technology

Webber, Ms. Donna, Office Administrator, Materials Management

Webber, Ms. Robin, Office Administrator, Physics

Wells, Mr. Billy E., Assistant to the President

Whitaker-Lea, Ms. Laura, Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Whitehead, Mr. Dwayne, Groundskeeper, Plant Operations

Whitmire, Ms., Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Whitmire, Ms. Charlotte, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Widing, Mr. Christopher, Groundskeeper, Plant Operations

Williams, Mr. Bobby, Groundskeeper, Plant Operations

Williams, Ms. Freda, Service/Maintenance Worker, Plant Operations

Williams, Mr. Richard, Project Superintendent, Plant Operations

Williams, Ms. Sherry, Staff Associate, Counseling

Woodall, Ms. Wanda, Building Attendant, Student Affairs

Wright, Mr. James, EHS Investigator/Officer, Environmental Health & Safety

Wyrick, Mr. Benny, Military Operations Coordinator, Commandant's Office

Wyrosdick, Mr. Jim, Postal Clerk, Postal Services

Yeoman, Ms. Tiffany, Staff Associate, Career Services

Young, Dr. Denise, Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Youngblood, Ms. Lynn, Admissions/Academic Advisor, Physical Therapy

Youngblood, Mr. Michael, Logistical Support Manager, Materials Management

Zeidler, Ms. Julie, Office Administrator, Institutional Advancement