First- and Second- Year University Experience

North Georgia College & State University is committed to assisting new students in making a successful transition into college and to retaining those students from initial matriculation through graduation. To help achieve this goal, the university encourages students to take Freshman Experience (UNIV 1000), a two-semester-hour course that helps students to make a successful transition into college life by teaching them academic and personal success skills, introducing them to various resources at the university, and providing mentoring opportunities with faculty.

North Georgia also recognizes that second-year students have unique, often overlooked needs. To help second-year students reorient to college and to provide further guidance in their academic and career planning, the university offers Career Planning (UNIV 2001), a two-semester-hour course designed to enhance students' focus on career objectives through self-assessments and career-oriented activities.

See course descriptions for university experience courses.