Regents' Skills Program

Skills courses in reading and writing (RGTR 0198 and RGTE 0199) are non-degree, non-credit courses offered each semester prior to the administration of the Regents' Skills Test. Students who have not passed the test after two unsuccessful attempts are administratively enrolled in the course(s) the following semester.

Students are required to take the Regents' Test in the first semester they attend North Georgia unless they are in Learning Support English or Reading, or have already satisfied the Regents' Test requirement elsewhere or through exemption. All students who have not passed one or both parts of the Regents' Test after three attempts must receive more individualized instruction in special sections of the Regents' Skills courses.

Grading Policies: Grades of "U" and "S" are approved for use in the Regents' Skills courses. Students who pass the Regents' Skills Test in the area(s) in which they pursued instruction will receive a grade of "S." Those who fail the test after receiving instruction, and those who are enrolled in the courses but do not participate will receive a grade of "U" and will be administratively enrolled in the course(s) the following semester until the requirement is satisfied.

The Regents' Skills Test remediation courses are not eligible for federal Title IV aid, in part because they are preparing a student for a test, not the program of study, and Title IV funds can be used only to pay for those courses that are actually part of the program of study (credits accepted as part of the degree requirements, etc.). In this instance, the Regents' Skills Test courses would not be considered coursework for Title IV purposes and, therefore, would not meet the remedial coursework exception. (34 CFR 600.2, 668.32 and 03/04 FSA HDBK, Vol. 1, page 13).