Study Abroad

Our study abroad advisor strives to inform students regarding study abroad opportunities throughout the world. North Georgia provides students an amazing array of study abroad experiences that range from language intensive to English speaking, and from short-term to semester and year-long programs. These experiences cover a variety of majors and also are available for students in their freshman and sophomore years who are still completing the core curriculum. Apart from the programs originating on the North Georgia campus, North Georgia also supports study abroad programs throughout the University System of Georgia. For a complete listing of these programs, please see For more information visit our office at 343 West Main Hall or e-mail us at

North Georgia Exchange Programs

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is also directly involved in the creation of exchanges with other universities that will assist North Georgia students in developing the skills needed to function as a global citizen. As part of the CGE's efforts, North Georgia College and State University is now part of several direct exchange programs. These programs keep the cost of studying abroad relatively low and provide diversified possibilities for our students. The exchanges that North Georgia presently participates in are as follows:

ISEP- International Student Exchange Program

This exchange allows the North Georgia students to "swap beds" with students from all over the world. This consortium of schools provides a vast array of exchange sites for North Georgia students. For further information, please check If you are interested in participating in this exchange, you need to be active during your junior or senior year and be firmly committed to your major.

Tsinghua University Exchange

This exchange is focused on North Georgia students who would like to pursue further study in the Chinese language. This exchange works in conjunction with the Chinese minor at North Georgia. Students are able to study either for a semester or for a year as part of this exchange. This exchange also allows students to "swap beds." Students pay North Georgia room and board, tuition, study abroad insurance, and some additional fees, then they simply swap spaces with their Chinese counterparts.

Fribourg University Exchange

This exchange is focused on North Georgia students who have a fairly strong language proficiency in French or German. Students will take their content area courses in French or German. This exchange is also aimed at juniors and seniors. This exchange is a tuition only exchange.

Sogang University Exchange

This exchange is focused on North Georgia students who are interested in furthering their knowledge of Korean language and Korean or East Asian Studies. This exchange is aimed at sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students will take courses in both English and Korean at Sogang. This exchange is a tuition only exchange.

For courses offered in international studies see International Studies Courses.