The primary purpose of the financial aid program is to provide assistance to students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college. Parents are expected to pay as much as they can afford, but beyond this point, the university offers a variety of aid programs consisting of loans, grants, scholarships, and employment. No application for assistance, sponsored or supported from state or federal funds, may be considered until financial need has been established. Once need is established and amounts are determined, the Office of Student Financial Aid prepares for the individual a “financial aid package” from various money sources.

Students seeking financial assistance are required to complete an NGCSU aid application and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), designating North Georgia College & State University as one of the colleges to which the report of financial need will be sent. These forms may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid, NGCSU, Dahlonega, GA 30597 or via our web site.

All financial aid recipients are required to meet appropriate Standards of Satisfactory Progress as defined by this university. A copy of these standards can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid or visit our web site.



Federal Pell Grants
The Federal Pell Grant is open to all students and is a federal aid program. The annual maximum grant under this program is $4,050. The award, however, may be less than this maximum amount because the actual grant is based on (1) the family’s expected contribution, (2) the amount of funds appropriated by Congress, and (3) the yearly educational costs.

Any citizen of the United States, or eligible non-citizen, who has never received an undergraduate degree is eligible to apply for this grant.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) was established by the Higher Education Act of 1965 and is a direct award to students with exceptional financial need. The exact amount of the award depends upon the financial resources of the individual and parents and the cost of attending North Georgia College & State University. The average award at this institution is $600 per year.

HOPE Scholarship
The HOPE Scholarship (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) is funded by former Governor Zell Miller's Georgia Lottery for Education and is available to Georgia residents. Full-time enrollment is not a requirement. Grade point eligibility for entering freshmen is based on a high school GPA of 3.0 or better as determined by the high school. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may receive the HOPE Scholarship based on NGCSU's certification of their grade point eligibility. For further details of the HOPE Scholarship Program, contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission at 1-800-505-4732 or

HOPE Promise Scholarship
HOPE Promise Scholarship is a component of the HOPE program and is for undergraduate students with 60 or more semester hours completing their teaching degree. The student must have a 3.00 GPA.

GA LEAP Grant Program
GA LEAP Grant Program (Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) is a jointly funded state and federal program specifically intended for undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need and PELL Grant eligibility.

North Georgia College & State University ROTC Grant
Please see full explanation of this program on page 38.

The Georgia Military Scholarship (GMS)
Please see a detailed explanation of this scholarship on page 38.



The university has combined several sources of funding to establish the NGCSU Scholarship Programs for academic excellence, demonstrated leadership participation, athletic ability, or excellence in a major field of study. Determination of award is based on the availability of funds and the number of qualified applicants. Most awards are renewable for continued eligibility. Some awards require participation in programs, events, or other assigned tasks. Completion of the financial aid application process is required for several awards. Generally, the application deadline is December 15th for the following academic year. Interested students should visit our web site for scholarship information and applications. Funding for our scholarship programs are made available by private gifts, through NGCSU, from the following:

Chad Allessio Memorial Scholarship Fund
American Legion Dept. of Georgia/Jep Tanksley Scholarship Fund
Scott Amerson Basketball Scholarship Fund
Tommye Baker Fund
Robert P. Beierschmitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bellon Teacher Education Scholarship Fund
Hardy Bennett Freshman & Sophomore Military Fund
Gretchen Anne Blaschke Memorial Scholarship Fund
Roy E. Bottoms Fund
Bill Branch Memorial Scholarship Fund
Len J. Buice Scholarship Fund
Mac A. Callaham Scholarship Fund
Christian L. Carreras Scholarship Fund
Cpt. Jeremy Alan Chandler Leadership Scholarship
NGC Class of 1940 Scholarship Fund
NGC Class of 51 Fund
NGC Class of 52 Fund
Cody Women's Athletic Fund
Corps Emerging Leaders Scholarship
Dr. Tom Davis Fund

Professor C. J. Dismukes Music Fund
DWC Scholarship Fund
James W. Early & Evelyn C. Early Scholarship Fund
Ernest Elder Scholarship Fund
Ewing Sigma Chi Scholarship Fund
Robert H. Farrar, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Fincher-Loughridge Scholarship Fund
Florence Strings Fund
Charles Collins Foster, III Fund
Helen B. Fowler Memorial Endowed Scholarship
L.B. Freeman Scholarship Fund
Thomas H. & Ruth Crumley Frier Scholarship Fund
The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund
Asa D. Hammock Scholarship Fund
Nathaniel Hansford Leadership Scholarship Fund
William A. Hatfield Fund
Nina McClure Head Scholarship Fund
Healan-Thomason Scholarship Fund
Richard F. Helmbold Award for Academic Excellence
Richard F. & Sandra J. Hensen Scholarship Fund
Professor Paul M. Hutcherson Scholarship Fund
Charles J. Ingram Fund
Scott Irwin Memorial Scholarship
Joseph & Connie Kanaday Scholarship Fund
Fred Kellar Military Scholarship Fund
Robert Alan Kemper Scholarship Fund
The George H. & Marilyn T. Kilpatrick Trust
Charles N. King, Jr. & Sarah Mae King Scholarship Fund
Olin B. King Scholarship Fund
Willie W. Leatherwood Scholarship Fund
J. T. May Memorial Scholarship
Patricka J. McCullough Fund
Harold B. & William M. McEver Fund
Virgil W. McIntyre Scholarship Fund
Albert David McKee Fund
Meredith M. McKenzie Fund
Thomas C. Montgomery Soccer Scholarship Fund
Robert & Ola Smith Moore Scholarship Fund
Thomas B. Murphy Scholarship Fund
Newton Oakes Scholarship Fund in Business Administration
Nix Basketball Scholarship
Old Guard Scholarship Fund
Olmsted Fdn Cadet Travel and Cultural Immersion Program
John & Margaret Owen Scholarship Fund
Bob Owens Art Scholarship Fund
Clarence E. Palmer Scholarship Fund
David Earl Partridge Scholarship Fund
Sarah Lee Patram Fund
Eugene C. Patterson Scholarship Fund

Alva Nathaniel Pendergrass Memorial Fund
Pennington Scholarship for Leadership Development
Olin F. Perkins Scholarship Fund
President's Choice Award
Hillrie Quin Scholarship Fund
Margaret Kennedy Richardson Scholarship Fund
A. Webb Roberts ROTC Scholarship Fund
J. Fred Sanders Scholarship Fund
Betty Dalton-Shott Scholarship Fund
Gloria Shott Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Dr. J.C. Simms Fund
John & Virginia Simpson / Pi Kappa Phi Scholarship Fund
LTC Robert M. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bob Stein Baseball Scholarship
James A. & Louise Eaton Stinson Ed/Research Trust Fund
Dot Strother Scholarship Fund (Alumni Scholarship)
LTC George R. Swearingen III Military Leadership Scholarship
2LT David C. Thayer Memorial Fund
Judge H.G. Vandiviere Scholarship Fund
Bradley Alan Walsh Scholarship Fund
Wansley Family Scholarship
Edward William "Will" Wells, IV Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Word West Scholarship Fund
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Fund
Claude Williams, Jr. Cadet Scholarship Endowment
Sherri Williams Memorial Fund
James G. Woodward Scholarship Fund
Will D. Young Athletic Scholarship Fund


Federal Perkins Loan
The university participates in the Federal Perkins Loan Program established by the National Defense Education Act of 1958 as amended. Perkins funds are available to degree-seeking students who are enrolled in college and have established financial need.

A maximum loan of $3,000 for undergraduate and $5,000 for graduate work may be obtained each year for an overall maximum loan not to exceed $15,000 for undergraduate and $30,000 for graduate work. Loans must be repaid at five percent simple interest scheduled on a monthly basis beginning the first of the tenth month after the student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. The total loan may be repaid over 10 years (depending on the size of the loan).

Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP) (formerly named Guaranteed Student Loan Program)
These guaranteed loans are arranged through private banks and other financial institutions participating in the programs. There are three types of loans:
1. Federal Stafford Loan: Low interest loan to students with financial need. No interest during periods of authorized enrollment.
2. Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan: Low interest loan to students with limited/no financial need. Student is charged interest at all times.
The maximum annual combined loan limits for either/both Stafford Loans are established by the U.S. Congress and based on the student's grade level.
3. Federal PLUS Loan: Low interest loan to the parent of a dependent student. First payment is due within 60 days of check disbursement. Families must complete the financial aid application process, but established need is not a requirement. PLUS Loans are generally considered the last option.

Interest rates, loan amounts, and repayment/deferment options may vary. For additional information contact the Office of Student Financial Aid or the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC):

Service Cancelable Loans
The Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA) offers both FFELP and state sponsored loan programs with a service cancellation option for specific fields. Our Nursing programs and teacher preparation majors are currently approved for participation. Funds are limited and applicants must complete the financial aid application process prior to consideration. For additional program information visit the GSFA website:

NGCSU Loan Funds
Private loan programs have been established for NGCSU students. Each program has specific eligibility requirements, application procedures, and repayment guidelines. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid. Funding for these loans are made available by private gifts from the following:
Charles McDonald Brown Loan Fund
Roy Bottoms Fund
J.W. & Lakotah Mozeley Garrett Fund
Buford Johnson, Jr., Memorial Fund
John H. Moore Student Loan Fund




Pickett & Hatcher Education Fund /
The Pickett and Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit, noncommercial educational trust fund created to assist full-time undergraduate students in fields of study other than law, medicine, or the ministry. Low interest loans with deferred payments are made to qualified residents of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia. The deadline for applications is May 1. For more information and application forms, write to Pickett and Hatcher Educational Funds, Inc., Post Office Box 8169, Columbus, GA 31908. 706/327-6586.

Employment Opportunities
Students who demonstrate need and otherwise qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program can be employed for up to 20 hours per week. Applicants must be capable of maintaining good academic standing while employed under this program.