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Pre-Professional Programs

Students interested in the following pre-professional programs should contact an academic advisor in the department indicated in order to discuss class schedules and programs of study. All students are urged to contact the professional schools of choice to ensure they will satisfy the specific requirements of that school.

Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice

Department of Biology or Department of Chemistry 
Pre-Dental Pre-Pharmacy
Pre-Dental Hygiene Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre Forestry Pre-Physician's Assistant
Pre-Medical Technology Pre-Respiratory Therapy
Pre-Medicine Pre-Radiologic Science
Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Department of Biology
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Pre-Health Information Management

Leadership Minor

"Leadership" at NGCSU is defined as "the process of influencing the activities of an individual or group in efforts toward goal achievement in a given situation." The theory which guides the study of leadership focuses on the Leader, the Followers, and the Situation and includes the following Leadership Competencies:
- Communication
- Collaboration
- Problem-Solving
- Diversity Awareness
- Self-Reflection and Self-Knowledge
- Empathy
- Ethics and Integrity
- Theoretical Knowledge

Leadership training is available for academic credit in an interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership. The Leadership Minor has two different tracks: military and citizen leadership. For more information on the Military and Leadership Program, please see page 35; for more information on the military track and citizen track, please see page 92.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership - Military Track

Three (3) credit hours selected from the following:

CSCI 1100 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems 2 hours
CSCI 1150 Computers and Information Systems Seminar 1 hour
CSCI 1200 Technology and Learning 3 hours
CSCI 1301 Computer Science 3 hours
CRJU 4320 Data Analysis 3 hours
Three (3) credit hours selected from the following: 
HIST 3280 History of Western Warfare 3 hours
HIST 4232 Studies of World War I 3 hours
HIST 4660 The Vietnam War 3 hours
HIST 4860 World War II 3 hours
POLS 4202 Comparative Security Issues 3 hours
SOCI 3650 Military Sociology 3 hours

Nine (9) credit hours:

MILS 3000

Fundamentals of Leadership/Problem Analysis 2 hours

MILS 3100

Fundamentals of Leadership/Advanced Decision Making 2 hours
MILS 4000 Command & Staff and the Dynamics of the Modern Battlefield 2 hours
MILS 4100 Introduction to Military Law and Pre-commissioning Orientation 2 hours

Three (3) credit hours:

MILS 4300

Leadership Internship 3 hours
Total Credit Hours:  18 

Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership - Citizen Track

Total Credit hours - 15

The citizen track of the leadership minor is designed for those students who desire to enhance their leadership competencies and expand their knowledge and understanding of leadership with the goal of becoming influential citizens. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to customize their plan of study to address their needs, experiences and interests. The rigorous entrance and exit requirements of the citizen track leadership minor are integral components of the leadership development process.

Application Process

Students who have completed Principles of Leadership (PSYC 1030) may apply for entrance to the citizen track leadership minor. Students should contact the leadership advisor in the school that houses their major. In the event that the student has not declared a major, the student may contact the director of the leadership initiative. The leadership advisor will assist the student in taking certain assessment instruments. These assessments will help the student and advisor design an appropriate program of study. The leadership advisor will also assist the student in preparing an essay for the Leadership Minor Advisory Council (LMAC). Each student must submit an essay that demonstrates her or his commitment to the goals of the citizen track leadership minor. Acceptance to the citizen track leadership minor is based on demonstrated commitment to leadership development.

Program of Study

Students accepted to the citizen track leadership minor are required to complete three three-hour elective courses that will enhance their leadership competencies and/or contribute to their understanding of leadership. A list of recommended courses will be provided to the student. The student may choose courses not on the recommended list; however, they must submit written justification for selecting the course. The leadership advisor must approve all elective courses included in the students program of study. No more than one (3-hour) course previously taken by the student may be used toward the minor, assuming that course is not counted toward completion of the major or to satisfy a core curriculum requirement.
Each student must successfully complete LEAD 4490 (Leadership Internship) and LEAD 4000 (Advanced Studies in Leadership). It is strongly recommended that these courses be taken during the senior year. The instructor may grant exceptions.
Students are expected to engage in extra-curricula activities and external programs that provide them with opportunities to exercise leadership. This component of the program is designed to broaden the students' understanding of leadership and engage them as citizens.

Exit Requirements

Upon completion of all coursework, students are required to prepare a written essay that captures their understanding of leadership. Throughout the program, students will develop a portfolio to be presented to the LMAC, including an outline of leadership experiences and a summative explanation of the students’ unfolding vision of leadership. This requirement is due upon completion of the minor. The LMAC will determine, based on the essay, portfolio and presentation, if the student has met the requirements of the citizen track leadership minor. LMAC will make a recommendation to the faculty for awarding the minor. The leadership advisor will assist the student in preparing for the final interview.

Pre-requisite - PSYC 1030 – Principles of Leadership
9 credit hours selected from recommended list of 3000 or higher courses and approved by leadership advisor

LEAD 4490 Leadership Internship
LEAD 4000 Advanced Studies in Leadership