Nursing Ed Professional Transitions Sequence: RN with a Non-Nursing Bachelor's or Master's Degree

An individual who holds an associate's degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing and either a bachelor's or master's degree in a non-nursing field of study may apply for the nursing professional transitions sequence for entry into the Master of Science with a major in Nursing/ Nurse Education program.

Nursing Professional Transitions Sequence is composed of two online courses NURS 5100 Professional Transitions I and NURS 5200 Professional Transitions II. Each course is five credit hours (four credit hours of didactic instruction; one hour of clinical instruction). Courses must be taken sequentially beginning fall semester each year and students must successfully complete courses (receive a grade of B or better) prior to beginning any additional courses in the Nurse Education program. In accordance with departmental policy, students may repeat a course in which they have been unsuccessful one time.