NDPT 7673: Clinical Problems VII: Management Multi-System Impairments (4)

Lecture: 4, Lab: 2, Other: 0

The course is conducted using a combination of tutorial, discussion, and lab formats and will be solely based on clinical cases that involve more than one pathological process. This is the capstone course of the clinical problem series in the curriculum and will require the student to use information learned in the prior clinical and foundational science courses. This course addresses the physical therapy examination, evaluation, intervention and management of clinical problems associated with multi-system impairments (integumentary, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, gastrointestinal/genitourinary). Clinical manifestations of disease are correlated with their pathology and physiological consequences. Etiology, pathology, clinical progression of disease and the resultant impairments provide a foundation for synthesis of physical therapy diagnoses, prognosis, interventions and projected outcomes. Critical analyses of the literature, investigations of reliability and validity of examination, evaluation, intervention, and projections for future research permeate all clinical cases in this course. This course elicits discussion regarding modifications of interventions and prognosis, which may be required when age, race, and gender are considered.