NDPT 7622: Clinical Problems II: Musculoskeletal II (6)

Lecture: 5, Lab: 6, Other: 0

This course will address physical therapy evaluation, assessment and rehabilitation of spinal disorders and the temporo-mandibular joint. Spinal topics include lumbar, SIJ, cervical, thoracic and temporomandibular joint regions. Evaluation and treatment of surgical and non-surgical conditions will be taught. The student will be trained in the systematic assessment of musculoskeletal dysfunction of each of these regions. Treatment techniques instructed will include spinal mobilization (Grades I - V), muscle energy techniques, soft tissue mobilization, manual and mechanical traction, body mechanics, self care techniques and therapeutic exercise. The student will be exposed to various treatment rationales that are prominent in physical therapy. The concepts of clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis related to spine disorders will be emphasized. The epidemiology and ergonomics of back and neck pain will also be investigated. Learning will be approached through critical appraisal of the literature using small group tutorials and practical lab sessions such that the basis for evidence based practice of physical therapy in these clinical areas will be developed.