Post-Master's Cert in FNP Academic Policies

Transfer Residency Requirement

To be awarded a Post Master's Certificate for FNPs, students must earn a minimum of 12 hours of graduate degree requirements in residence. The program coordinator and the Dean of the School of Science and Health Professions must approve all transfer credit. Transfer credit will not be given for any course in which a grade of less than a B was earned.

Academic Progression

Graduate nursing students progress through the program of study as long as a minimum of a B is earned in each graduate course. Some course grades are comprised of a theory or didactic component as well as a preceptorship component. A satisfactory (S) in preceptorship must be achieved for the student to earn a course grade of B or higher. Also, exams must average a minimum of 75 prior to other grades being added or averaged into the course grade. If less than a 75 average on exams is earned, the student will receive a C or less for the course and must repeat the course, if eligible to do so.