MAIA Degree Requirements

The MAIA program at North Georgia is an online program. All courses necessary for the degree are offered online on a two-year rotation basis. All courses for the degree are offered within a two-year cycle.

Degree Requirements

Graduation requirements for the Master of Arts in International Affairs include:

  1. Completion of 36 credit hours (18 hours of foundational courses, 6 hours of capstone, and 12 hours of specialization courses).
  2. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0, with no more than 2 courses with a grade of C.
  3. Completion of at least 30 hours of graduate degree requirements in residence, with no more than 6 hours of transfer credit.
  4. Completion of all degree-related course requirements, including transfer credit, within a six-year period.

Curriculum Requirements 36 Hours
Required Foundational Courses 18 Hours

POLS 7011

Theory of International Relations

3 hours

POLS 7012

Theory of International Political Economy

3 hours

POLS 7013

Research Methods for International Affairs

3 hours

POLS 7014

Foreign Policy Process

3 hours

POLS 7105

Global Governance

3 hours

POLS 7200

Leadership and Organizational Theory

3 hours

Area of Concentration 12 Hours

Students are required to take 12 credit hours within an area of concentration. No more than six credit hours total can come from graduate course work taken outside political science or through transfer credit. The MAIA program coordinator at North Georgia has final approval over appropriate courses in addition to those listed below. Please check with the coordinator for applicability prior to registering for the course.

Courses Approved for the International Security Concentration

POLS 7201

International Security Issues

3 hours

POLS 7210

European Security Issues

3 hours

POLS 7230

National Security Policy of the United States

3 hours

POLS 7244

International Political Violence

3 hours

POLS 7350

Grand Strategy and Strategic Thought

3 hours

POLS 7015

International Affairs Capstone

6 hours