MA Degree Requirements

Graduation requirements for the Master of Arts with a major in History include:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours (12 hours of the master's core courses, 12-15 hours of advanced courses, and 3-6 hours of thesis/capstone courses).
  2. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 with no more than 2 courses with a grade of C.
  3. Completion of at least 24 hours of graduate degree requirements in residence with no more than 6 hours of transfer credit.
  4. Completion of all degree-related course requirements, including transfer credit, within a continuous six-year period.
  5. Students are required to file their Plan of Study with the Registrar's Office prior to the earning 24 hours.
  6. Prior to beginning their Thesis or Capstone Seminar, students must fulfill the language requirement.

Language Requirement

All candidates for the Master of Arts with a major in History must demonstrate competency in one language in addition to English.

The language competency requirement is met by taking a translation examination administered by the department. The exam will be a translation of about 500 words to be completed in two hours with a dictionary allowed. The translation exam may be attempted three times.

If a student has completed four semesters of a foreign language, or the equivalent, within the last five years at a university or community college, the student is eligible to take the translation exam with no further coursework. For a non-European language, the student should consult with his/her primary professor concerning minimum skill level to qualify for the translation exam.

If a student's foreign language hours are more than five years old, the student must take a competency exam. If successful in placing at the level of a fourth semester in the language, the student is eligible to take the translation exam.

In order to pass the translation examination, a student may find it necessary to take language courses at North Georgia or another institution. These courses never count toward the degree requirements for the MA.

Curriculum Requirements 30 hours
Master's Core Requirements 12 hours

HIST 6000


3 hours

Students will select two courses (6 hours) from the following:

HIST 7001

Colloquium in World History

3 hours

HIST 7002

Colloquium in European History

3 hours

HIST 7003

Colloquium in American History

3 hours

HIST 7004

Colloquium in Military History

3 hours

Thesis Track

An additional 6000 or 7000 level course

3 hours

Non-Thesis Track

HIST 7500

Teaching History

3 hours

Major Area 12-15 hours

Thesis Track 12 hours

Non-Thesis Track 15 hours

Students are required to take 12-15 credit hours within an area of concentration. No more than six credit hours total can come from graduate course work taken outside the Department of History and Philosophy or through transfer credit. The History program coordinator at North Georgia has final approval over appropriate courses in addition to those listed below. Please check with the coordinator for applicability prior to registering for the course.

At this time, the only concentrations offered in the program are World and Military History. Other concentrations in American and European History may be added as resources permit.

Courses approved for the concentrations:

ANTH 6500

Studies in Regional Archaeology

HIST 6000


HIST 6100

U.S. History

HIST 6110

Colonial America

HIST 6120

Early National U. S.

HIST 6140

History of Evolutionary Science

HIST 6150

Social & Cultural History of U.S. to 1860

HIST 6151

Social & Cultural History of U.S. from 1860 to Present

HIST 6152

Social Movements

HIST 6160

War and Society in America

HIST 6161

Studies in American Revolution

HIST 6170

Appalachian Studies

HIST 6180

Civil War and Reconstruction



HIST 6185

Georgia History

HIST 6200

Studies in European History

HIST 6201

History of Western Civilization II

HIST 6220


HIST 6225

Early Modern Europe

HIST 6230

Nineteenth Century Europe

HIST 6232

World War I

HIST 6235

Twentieth Century Europe

HIST 6240

Modern France

HIST 6250

Modern Britain

HIST 6260

Modern Germany

HIST 6300

Studies in Latin America

HIST 6310

Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

HIST 6320

Regional Studies in Latin America

HIST 6330

Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

HIST 6400

History of the Modern Middle East

HIST 6410

Islam in World History

HIST 6450

The Crusades

HIST 6500

History of India

HIST 6630

Modern China

HIST 6640

Modern Japan

HIST 6650

Mongol Conquests

HIST 6700

History of Africa

HIST 6800

History of Developing Nations

HIST 6850

Modern World Revolutions

HIST 6860

World War II

HIST 6870

Asian Civilization

HIST 6875

Cultural Encounters & Exchange in World History

HIST 6880

Vietnam and its Wars

HIST 7001

Colloquium in World History

HIST 7002

Colloquium in European History

HIST 7003

Colloquium in American History

HIST 7004

Colloquium in Military History

HIST 7190

Independent Study in United States History

HIST 7500

Teaching History

HIST 7700

Capstone Seminar in History

HIST 7810

Readings & Research/Modern World since 1900

Other non-history graduate courses relevant to concentration up to 6 hours.

Thesis or Capstone 3-9 hours

Students will choose one of the following options:

A. Thesis Option 9 hours

HIST 7000

Thesis Research

3 hours

HIST 7300

Master's Thesis

6 hours

In the second to last semester prior to graduation, the student must enroll in HIST 7000 (Thesis Research) and in the final semester enroll in HIST 7300 (Master's Thesis) In the final semester, a student will submit a thesis in an acceptable style of historical writing that demonstrates the ability to investigate independently a topic of historical significance. The topic will be selected in consultation with the student's Major Professor. The student must defend his/her thesis prospectus before the thesis hours start. The student should bring this form to the defense. Style and format will be in conformity with the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press) and university standards.


B. Capstone Seminar Option – 3 hours

HIST 7700

Capstone in History Seminar

3 hours

Master's Exam

In lieu of completing a traditional thesis, a student may pursue the capstone seminar option. In the final semester of study, the student will enroll in HIST 7700 and will produce an article-length capstone paper. This option is not recommended for students intending to pursue advanced degrees beyond the MA level.

The Master's Exam should be taken in the student's final semester. The student's major professor will administer a written examination, testing the candidate's understanding of the methodology of their chosen field and overall mastery of their historical field.

The process for the exam is as follows:

  1. The student will form an Examination committee in consultation with the Major Professor.
  2. The student will form a reading list suitable to their concentration in consultation with the committee.
  3. The student will submit a list of questions in connection with the readings to the committee and defend it before the committee. The questions will be on significant historical issues, demonstrating understanding and mastery of the methodology and historiography of her/his chosen field. If the list is deemed suitable, the committee and student will set a date for the examination.
  4. The examination will consist of three questions, one chosen by each committee member. The questions may be drawn from the student's list or may be created independently by the committee. The student will have 3 hours to complete the written exam.
  5. The last part of the exam will be an oral defense of the written answers conducted by the student's major advisor and the other Committee members.
  6. Steps 2 through 4 should be completed within a semester. A student will be allowed a total of three attempts to pass the exam.