Teacher Certificate Endorsement Programs

North Georgia College & State University offers two graduate level endorsement programs for teachers:

Gifted Education

Reading Education

The Teacher Support Specialist Endorsement Program is available on a contracted school-wide or district level basis.

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has approved these endorsement programs. Upon acceptance in these programs and satisfactory completion of the required series of courses, students will be recommended for endorsements to their teaching certificates permitting them to perform special roles in these areas. In many cases, some or all of the endorsement course work may be used in graduate programs. In other cases, students may seek graduate-level endorsement course work outside of degree programs. Students seeking to enter endorsement programs for graduate credit must apply for non-degree admission through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Students who may not want/need college credit for the endorsement courses should apply to the specific endorsement program through Teacher Education for professional learning units. Details are available in both the Office of Graduate Admissions and the Department of Teacher Education.

Endorsements are added to teaching certificates. They are not certificates in themselves.

For additional program information, please visit the School of Education website www.northgeorgia.edu/Teacher Education.

Students who are admitted, but do not enroll by the academic year following the year of acceptance must reapply through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Students who were previously enrolled but have not been in attendance within the last three terms must also reapply. All documents and materials submitted to fulfill the application requirements for entry to a program at North Georgia become the property of the university and will not be returned. These materials are kept for one year for incomplete application files and for three years for individuals who complete an application and are accepted, but do not enroll.