Post-Master's Cert in FNP Plan of Study

The plan of study for the post-master's certificate student will be determined by the program coordinator following review of the student's transcripts from his or her MSN program and any additional related course work from subsequent graduate enrollment. The number of credits required will depend on the applicant's previous graduate specialty and specific course work.

Semester Hours

NURS 6031

Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nurses

3 hours

NURS 6020

Advanced Pathophysiology

3 hours

NURS 6010

Advanced Pharmacology

3 hours

NURS 6110

Rural Primary Care I

5 hours

NURS 6032

Diagnostics for Advanced Practice Nurses

1 hour

NURS 6200

Advanced Practice Theory

3 hours

NURS 6120

Rural Primary Care Nursing II

5 hours

NURS 7010

Rural Primary Care Nursing III

5 hours

NURS 7040

Rural Primary Care Nursing IV

2 hours

NURS 7141

Rural Primary Care Nursing V

5 hours

NURS 7130

Advanced Nursing Research

3 hours

NURS 7210

Rural Primary Care Nursing VI

7 hours

NURS 7221

Rural Primary Care Project

1 hour


46 Semester Hours