Printing & Archiving Thesis

After the appropriate signatures have been obtained, students are responsible for delivering two (2) signed paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of the thesis to the Director of Library Services.

Print Copies

The two (2) print copies of the thesis must meet these requirements:

  1. Printed on one side of the page only.
  2. Printed on acid free paper.
  3. Include the signature page.

NOTE: Be sure to check all pages carefully prior to submitting to ensure proper page order and print quality.

Electronic Copy for the Digital Commons

All submissions to the Digital Commons require the following:

  1. Completed Electronic Thesis, Paper and Project Open Access Permissions Form (downloadable from the North Georgia Graduate Admissions' web site under the "Downloadable Forms" link).
  2. FINAL version of the thesis in one of the file formats listed below.
  3. Copy of the approval page with signatures.
  4. Copy of all permissions for copyrighted material incorporated into the thesis.

    A thesis will not be published to the Digital Commons unless all requirements are met.

File Format

Student can submit a document to the Digital Commons in one of the following formats:

Students using different word processing programs (i.e., MS Works, Wordperfect) must save the work in one of the above formats. If the Digital Commons cannot open or convert the file, you will be contacted to discuss an alternative.

Files may be delivered as follows: