Student Health Services

Student Health Services exists to advance the health of students at North Georgia by providing services that include evaluation and treatment for minor acute illnesses and injuries, Women's and Men's Clinic examination and testing, and health promotion and prevention focused services. These services are provided to all students who pay the student health fee.

Several lab tests are performed at the clinic and resulted while the student waits. These tests include strep screens, pregnancy tests, hemoglobin, urinalysis, mono testing, influenza screening and glucose testing. There are minimal additional fees to testing that are sent to our reference laboratory, such as PAP smears, STD testing and proof of sero-conversion to immunizations. Most prescription medications are available at no additional cost and are given at the time of the visit if deemed necessary. There are several birth control options available with a minimal fee. There is a self-care center that contains several over-the-counter medications and supplies that are available to the students at no additional charge and without seeing a clinic provider. Seasonal influenza vaccinations are included in the health fee; several other immunizations are offered at an additional cost.

Health Prevention and Promotion Services including such programs as Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Assault Awareness Week and Safe Spring Break Week are provided by our Health Educator. These activities are designed to empower students to make conscious and responsible choices related to health and safety. The Health Educator is also available for nutrition and training consultations by appointment.

If needed, further care will be referred to one of the local hospitals, urgent care centers, or physician's offices. When medical treatment is needed after hours, Chestatee Regional Hospital is located nearby.

The hours of operation at Student Health are 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The center is staffed by a Physician Assistant, two full-time Nurse Practitioners as well as a part-time Physician. Other staff members include a Health Educator, two Licensed Practical Nurses, an Administrative Coordinator, and an Administrative Assistant. Student Health Services is located on the first floor of the Chestatee Building. More information regarding Student Health Services can be found on the North Georgia's website

Student Health Services

110 South Chestatee Street, Suite 100

Phone (706) 864-1948 Fax (706) 864-1448