Academic Advising

The dean of the appropriate school is responsible for naming the general advisor for graduate students in his/her school. A student is advised by the head of the major department or by professors appointed as academic advisors.

Academic advisement is a process-oriented, interactive professional relationship between advisor and advisee. It is viewed as process-oriented because it involves the developmental stage of career exploration of the advisee, followed by a course of action that includes discovery, knowledge, timeliness, and precision on the part of both advisor and advisee. Both parties are responsible for the success of the relationship as follows:

An advisor is expected to:

An advisee is expected to:

Each student is encouraged to communicate with her/his advisor concerning contemplated schedule, educational or career plan changes, or to discuss academic problems and concerns. Although advisors provide guidance and assistance to students, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the requirements of her/his program of study and the Graduate Bulletin.